How To Hire Dedicated PHP Developers?

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Sep 11, 2023

The increasing popularity of PHP leads to a higher demand for businesses to hire dedicated PHP developers. W3Tech reports that PHP reigns supreme in the web server-side scripting languages market, commanding an impressive 77% market share. However, outsourcing experienced PHP programmers is easier said than done. In this article, we will delve into essential knowledge packages for the outsourcing process and provide insights on how you can hire dedicated PHP developers.

How to hire đeicated PHP developers

Overview of PHP

PHP is a powerful programming language that has gained immense popularity in web development due to its versatility and robust features. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with various frameworks makes it a preferred choice for building interactive web applications.

Some well-known PHP web development frameworks include Laravel, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, Zend Framework, etc. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Disney, and The New York Times are iconic brands that utilize the Laravel framework. CodeIgniter empowers developers with straightforward architectures to build feature-rich web applications, namely Paypal and Wikipedia. Spotify and Alibaba use Phalcon, while Cisco WebEx and BNP Paribas trust Zend as their web framework.

Why should we hire dedicated PHP developers?

There are several reasons why hiring PHP developers is a wise decision.

Relevance and Stability

As PHP continues to gain popularity in web development, its reliability has been tested in various scenarios. As a result, PHP developers can handle challenges throughout the development process.


Since PHP is a versatile language, it helps create multiple applications, from simple websites to complex systems. Developers can even integrate other programming languages to add more functionality to PHP apps. Hiring devoted PHP programmers entails providing projects with adaptable and knowledgeable web development professionals.

Accelerated development

PHP has laid the groundwork for a long time, resulting in a large developer community and a wealth of support. It can foster the development process. Also, PHP is a fast language, making it ideal for developing applications that require a lot of processing power in a short amount of time.

Cost efficiency

Hiring dedicated PHP programmers is cost-effective as PHP applications can run on multiple hardware and operating systems. The developers can reuse the code to target numerous platforms using only one language. It saves not only time but also money when developing software for businesses.

Three available hiring options

Although many PHP developers are available on the market, we can classify them into three major hiring groups.


Hiring PHP freelancers allows businesses to achieve cost-effectiveness, making PHP freelancers appealing to recruiters. Because of lower operational costs, self-employed workers can afford to bid on lower-paying jobs. Furthermore, freelancers provide flexibility in project timelines and adapt to changing project requirements as needed. 

However, when hiring freelance PHP developers, businesses have less control over their work and face communication challenges. Once freelancers work independently, they may have multiple clients or projects, which impacts their availability and ability to dedicate full-time attention to your project.

tips to hire PHP developers

In-house team

Another option is to build an in-house team specializing in PHP web development. An in-house PHP development team ensures ongoing support, maintenance, and development, as well as a high level of commitment and seamless collaboration for business operations. In-house teams also possess institutional knowledge of the business domain, which fosters the development process and effectively addresses technical holes.

On the other hand, building a skilled in-house PHP team requires time, effort, and resources for recruitment. It poses challenges for the company to attract and retain top talent.


Last but not least, one of the most effective ways to hire dedicated PHP developers is through outsourcing. By gaining access to a global talent pool, businesses can find experts in specific areas of PHP development that suit their needs. Outsourcing PHP developers also provides the flexibility to scale your team up or down based on project requirements. Outsourcing has the advantage of cutting overhead costs associated with full-time employees.

Yet outsourcing has its drawbacks. Firstly, working with an offshore team may involve cultural and language differences that affect communication, understanding of project requirements, and collaboration. Secondly, hiring PHP developers from outsiders can carry the risk of encountering lower-quality work or unreliable developers. To tackle these risks, companies should establish clear communication channels and project management tools to facilitate collaboration with the remote team.

How much does it cost to hire dedicated PHP developers

The statistics below give a broad overview of the global hiring situation for PHP developers.


Salaries range (annually)

Average rate (hourly) 


$82,500 - $132,024 


Eastern Europe

$16,800 - $45,000

$25 - $50


$4357.37 - $16,556.27






$3690.77 - $11,421.43


(Source:, Salaryexplorer, Economic Research Institute, ALCOR )

Vietnam offers the lowest PHP developer salaries due to its inexpensive labor. At the same time, the labor force's skill level is gradually improving. As a result, It is economically beneficial for businesses to hire dedicated PHP developers there.

Step-by-step guidance for hiring dedicated PHP developers

Finding the right PHP programmers can be a daunting task. It is critical to have a solid understanding of outsourcing to hire dedicated PHP developers. The following tips can provide valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate the hiring process confidently.

Step 1: Define requirements and create the job description

It is essential to clarify the requirements and complete the job description. The first step assists businesses in identifying what they need to look for in candidates when hiring PHP developers.

Step 2: Create the developers’ profile

After identifying the project’s scope and requirements, it’s time to create the ideal developer's profile. The information packages encompass the technical skills, domain knowledge, and other abilities required for PHP developers to thrive in the organization. It also aids employers in searching for and selecting suitable candidates. The tip is to keep the profile concise and engaging, focusing on information that helps find qualified PHP programmers.

Step 3: Search for candidates

Companies can utilize popular job portals and freelance platforms tailored for IT professionals when hiring devoted PHP programmers. Besides, tap into your professional network, ask for referrals, or attend industry events and conferences. These events allow you to connect with potential candidates directly and hire dedicated PHP developers.

Step 4: Conduct interviews and assessments

Once you have compiled a list of candidates, scan their resumes and conduct interviews to understand them better. You can also evaluate candidates by having coding tests and practical assessments. 

Step 5: Check the candidates’ references and portfolios

To further assess the skills and experience of the applicants, it is worth checking their references and portfolios. It provides valuable information to make informed hiring decisions.

Step 6: Consider cultural fit and communication skills

Hiring dedicated PHP programmers prioritizes the candidates' skills; however, companies should consider the cultural fit and other soft skills of PHP developers. This phase can occur even after the contract is signed to ensure an effective working process.

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