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BHSoft's team of Cesium Certificated Developers utilizes CesiumJS to deliver powerful geospatial solutions tailored to your business needs.

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An open platform for building 3D geospatial apps

CesiumJS is an impressive open-source JavaScript library that allows you to create high-quality 3D maps and globes with great performance, accuracy, and image quality while being easy to use. 
CesiumJS is committed to open standards and interoperability, enabling developers to create flexible, robust 3D applications for various industries to unlock the power of 3D dynamic geospatial data.

High-performance Rendering

CesiumJS uses WebGL for high-performance 3D graphics rendering, leveraging the user's GPU for smooth rendering of large-scale geospatial data like satellite imagery and terrain models. It also employs optimizations like level-of-detail rendering and culling for improved performance and navigation.

Dynamic Terrain & Imagery

CesiumJS enables real-time dynamic terrain and imagery through its integration with satellite imagery, terrain data, and elevation models. This helps in detailed and accurate virtual environments that support displaying time-dynamic data.​

Support For Large Datasets​

CesiumJS efficiently handles large geospatial datasets using data structures and rendering techniques like level-of-detail rendering and culling. It can visualize and render massive amounts of data, making it perfect for handling big geospatial data.

Advanced Visualization

Cesium offers advanced visualization with support for 3D models, animations, visual effects like atmospheric scattering and lens flares, and VR/AR technologies.

BHSoft’s CesiumJS Development Service  

BHSoft's team has been building Cesium applications since 2019. Our team comprises highly skilled members who have earned recognition from Cesium as Certified Developers.
With our broad experience, we help our customers to: 

Store, edit, evaluate, and manage various kinds of spatial data, and convert map data for display on web and mobile browsers.  

Help customers with 3D rendering and architectural visualization of 3D buildings and facilities in the area. These intuitive and interactive models help our customers easily manipulate the design in real-time, gaining a much better understanding of their design.  

Solutions for 3D floor plans to help support our clients with their asset management activities for their physical buildings.  

Aggregate 3D data with Autodesk Forge, leading to better outcomes and increased productivity.

BHSoft specializes in creating GIS-generated maps for customers, particularly in the construction sector, using BIM data. This allows project participants to better understand how decisions impact the entire construction life cycle.

We also utilize CesiumJS as the core library to create highly precise and high-quality 3D and 4D web maps for our customers.

Hire Cesium Certificated Developers from Bac Ha Software  

Our team of Cesium Certificated Developers can be hired at a reasonable cost to provide dynamic, customized, and scalable solutions for your project. We follow a simple hiring process and provide ongoing support to ensure your app is launched successfully across multiple platforms and exceeds your expectations.

Dedicated team
Our dedicated team of Cesium Certificated Developers provides full-time support for your Cesium app development needs. With developers reporting directly to you and a dedicated project manager to lead the team, we ensure seamless communication throughout the project.  
Flexible hiring models
We offer flexible hiring models to hire us for your app development project. You can choose from fixed or monthly models to ensure timely delivery and innovative solutions.  
Transparent Communication
We guarantee to maintain transparent communication by regularly updating you on project progress and seeking your approval at each stage. This will ensure seamless collaboration between our team and yours. 
Customer Oriented
At Bac Ha Software, we prioritize customer orientation by taking a hands-on approach to every project. Our team works closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your goals and requirements, allowing us to create a final solution that fulfills all of your needs.

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