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​Machine Learning: Unlocking Value through Intelligence

Intelligence is a self-improving entity, and Machine Learning (ML) empowers algorithms to enhance their situational awareness continuously. This capability offers substantial benefits to various industries, from manufacturing to finance and e-commerce, where algorithm applications determine competitive advantages. 

Embracing this technology can yield unprecedented value for your business. To capitalize on machine-learned insights, you need to lay the foundation. Develop your business, boost productivity, and conquer the market, as the promising future of predictive analytics has arrived.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is the epitome of computer and system self-awareness. With complex algorithms, machines grasp experiences and vastly improve problem-solving abilities. As a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML relies on data-driven models for insightful predictions, revolutionizing industries from Agriculture and Banking to Marketing and Healthcare.

Why are Machine Learning Solutions Vital?

Success relies on informed decisions, and ML steps in to optimize various aspects of your business. Machine Learning Solutions enhance and streamline various aspects of business operations because:

Time and resource saving

React Native enables developers to create code just once and use it to power both their iOS and Android apps. It allows users to learn once and write anywhere by reusing the code to create a mobile app across multiple platforms. This translates to huge time and resource savings. 

Live reload

The live reload feature of React Native allows users to see and work with changes in real-time. You can make fixes in the code while the app is loading and it will be reflected in the app with an automatic reload. You can also reload a particular area of change to save time on the compilation.

User interface focus

React Native uses the React JavaScript library to build app interfaces that are fast and responsive. It has great rendering abilities and uses a component-based approach which makes it easy to create both simple and complex UI designs.

High performance for the mobile environment

React Native makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), while native platforms are more ‘CPU (Central Processing Unit) intensive’. Compared to hybrid technologies, which were the only option for cross-platform in the past, React Native is superfast. 

BHSoft's Machine Learning Expertise

Computer Vision

Utilize computer vision algorithms for face recognition, biometrics, transportation, AR, and more.

Customer Analytics

Teach machines to understand text and speech like humans, empowering AI to extract insights, find topics in text documents, and automate customer service or chatbot development.

Nature Language Processing

Examine behavior, detect data patterns, construct a customer segmentation model for enhanced targeting, personalization, and overall customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics 

Use historical and current data to foresee the future, removing guesswork and understanding how your organization, customers, or the entire industry will evolve.

Our Approach To Build Machine Learning Solutions  

Analyze Your Business Needs and Product Requirements

 When you recognize the need for implementing Machine Learning, we delve into your tasks, conceptualize a solution, and outline the scope of work and development process.

Data Preparation and Processing

 In this essential phase, we analyze your data, visualize it for clarity,      potentially select key data, and preprocess it into a structured dataset. This dataset is divided into three sets: training, validation, and testing. The training set teaches the model and sets its parameters, the validation set fine-tunes the model, and the testing set assesses real-world performance post-training.

potentially select key data, and preprocess it into a structured dataset.

potentially select key data, and preprocess it into a structured dataset.

potentially select key data, and preprocess it into a structured dataset.potentially select key data, and preprocess it into a structured dataset.

Feature Engineering

 After data cleaning and refinement, we embark on feature engineering, a critical data preparation process. Feature engineering involves the manual creation of new features in the raw dataset, leveraging domain knowledge to enhance model accuracy. This process requires a deep understanding of the industry and the specific problem the model aims to address.

Model Development

In this phase, we train and evaluate multiple models to find the most accurate one. We experiment with different model types, feature selection, regularization, and hyperparameter tuning to ensure the model fits optimally without underfitting or overfitting. We assess each experiment's accuracy using tailored metrics.

Model Deployment

The process of deploying a model into production depends on your business infrastructure, data volume, the accuracy of preceding stages, and whether you're using machine learning as a service product.

Model Review and Updates 

The project continues even after the model is developed. We assist you in tracking metrics and conducting tests to assess the model's performance over time. When necessary, we apply improvements to enhance its effectiveness.

Technologies We Use

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