A Comprehensive Guide to Hire Angular Developers in Vietnam

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August 30, 2023

In the heart of Southeast Asia lies a burgeoning tech hub - Vietnam. With its rapid economic growth and highly skilled talent pool, Vietnam has become a hotspot for businesses seeking to leverage the power of Angular development. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore why you should hire Angular developers in Vietnam. Whether you're a startup looking to cut costs or an established enterprise seeking Angular expertise, this article guides your journey through Vietnam's Angular development scene.

Core things about Angular developers

Angular, a dynamic web app framework, revolutionizes web development by simplifying HTML and enhancing intuitiveness and conciseness. It facilitates data binding and dependency injection, drastically reducing the code required. Moreover, everything occurs within the browser, making it a perfect companion for various server technologies.

Let's delve into Angular developers and their pivotal role in web development.

Who Are Angular Developers?

Angular developers are the architects behind versatile and adaptive web applications, primarily focusing on the user interface (UI). As a web framework, Angular has ascended to become the second most popular front-end framework in the arsenal of programmers. It empowers software developers to craft dynamic and user-friendly web applications.

Practical Applications of Angular

To grasp the beauty and utility of Angular products, consider an example. An application crafted by Angular developers excels at loading and refreshing specific portions of web pages without the need for a full page refresh. This capability stems from Angular's capacity to manage the state without heavy server dependence. You can witness this seamless functionality on renowned web applications like Netflix, PayPal, Gmail, or Crunchbase.

The Significance of Angular Developers

In web development, Angular developers occupy an important position. They are the driving force behind creating dynamic, user-friendly web applications. Angular Developers bring efficiency, innovation, and reliability to projects, ensuring optimal performance and exceptional user experiences.

Moreover, in the broader context of the IT industry, Angular as a framework and Angular Developers collectively play a pivotal role. Angular makes web development more accessible by including data binding and dependency injection tools. Angular Developers use these talents to create robust solutions, putting them at the forefront of current web development. They provide efficient, high-quality, cost-effective software that empowers businesses and improves online visibility.

 hire angular developers in Vietnam

Why should you hire Angular developers in Vietnam? 


Outsourcing Angular development to Vietnam is a strategic choice for businesses. It helps them leverage the framework, cut costs, and access a deep talent pool. This section will explore why companies should hire Angular developers in Vietnam, making it a hotspot for outsourcing Angular development.


Vietnam offers a significant cost advantage compared to many Western countries and other Asian outsourcing destinations for hiring Angular developers. The cost-effectiveness stems from Vietnam's lower cost of living, enabling businesses to access skilled Angular developers at a fraction of local prices. This financial efficiency enables firms to allocate resources to other critical aspects of their projects.

High-Quality Talent Pool

One of Vietnam's most compelling attributes is its abundance of highly skilled Angular developers. Vietnamese developers are known for their strong work ethic, commitment to quality, and proficiency in various programming languages, including JavaScript and TypeScript. Many developers in Vietnam have acquired their skills through rigorous education and training programs, making them well-prepared for complex Angular projects.

Time Zone Advantages

Collaboration across different time zones can often challenge project management and communication. Vietnam's time zone, which falls within the GMT+7 to GMT+9 range, is advantageous for European and American businesses. This overlap in working hours simplifies real-time communication and fosters efficient collaboration between development teams in Vietnam and their overseas counterparts.

Communication and Language Proficiency

To hire Angular Developers in Vietnam, remember that effective communication is essential to any successful outsourcing effort. Vietnamese developers are known for their strong English language skills, facilitating precise and efficient communication with clients and project stakeholders. This proficiency in English ensures that requirements are well understood and that feedback and updates flow seamlessly.

Statistics and Success Stories

Vietnam's rise as an outsourcing destination is not anecdotal; statistics and success stories support it. Many global companies have established development centers or outsourced projects to Vietnam, achieving remarkable results. Statistics on project success rates, client satisfaction, and cost savings bolster the case for outsourcing Angular development to this vibrant Southeast Asian nation. Statistics on project success rates, client satisfaction, and cost savings strengthen the case for hiring Angular Developers in Vietnam for this prosperous Southeast Asian nation. 

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Tips for Outsourcing Angular Developers in Vietnam 

When embarking on the journey to hire Angular developers in Vietnam, navigating the process effectively is essential. Avoiding common pitfalls and implementing efficient methods can significantly affect the recruitment process. Let's explore effective strategies inspired by industry insights:

Embrace Thorough Pre-screening

Pre-screening is a vital step that should always be taken. This process involves verifying candidates' credentials and backgrounds before face-to-face interviews. Skipping this step might seem like a time-saver, but it can lead to more significant time waste in the long run. By carefully pre-screening candidates, you can shortlist those who align with your company's values and project requirements.

Go Beyond the Resume

A strong resume is only part of it, especially in IT-related industries. Don't rely solely on impressive resumes or successful interviews. After shortlisting potential candidates, challenge them with test assignments to assess their practical abilities and commitment to the job. This approach not only gauges their skills but also their dedication to your project.

Understand Local Salary Standards

Understanding local salary standards and employment regulations is vital when you hire Angular developers in Vietnam. Research and be aware of the prevailing salary standards for your positions in Vietnam. Offering below-market salaries hinders your ability to secure top talent and increases the risk of losing employees to competitors.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with local employment regulations. For example, paying a 13th-month bonus before the Tet Holiday is an unwritten rule to maintain a positive working relationship with Vietnamese developers in Vietnam.

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Utilize Social Media for Outreach

Leverage social media channels to tap into the diverse talent pool in Vietnam. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are widely used for IT recruitment. With a significant user base on these platforms, you can reach potential candidates and network with them effectively.

Create a compelling company profile, post job openings, and actively approach potential candidates. On LinkedIn, you can effortlessly search for and connect with candidates. On Facebook, consider joining relevant groups to engage with IT talent directly. Additionally, you can implement and promote referral programs on these platforms, offering a cost-effective way to broaden your recruitment reach.

Collaborate with Top IT Outsourcing Companies

For a hassle-free experience when you hire Angular developers in Vietnam, consider partnering with IT outsourcing companies. These companies have the expertise and knowledge to handle the entire process, from talent sourcing to building dedicated development teams.

IT outsourcing companies are well-versed in the local market, enabling them to access IT talent more efficiently. Collaborating saves time and resources while ensuring the right people are recruited for your project.


As you venture into Angular development in Vietnam, consider partnering with top IT outsourcing companies to maximize your success. These seasoned experts at BHSoft possess the local knowledge, experience, and resources to elevate your Angular projects to new heights, offering comprehensive Angular development services. From accessing a rich talent pool to ensuring seamless communication, we are your key to harnessing the full potential of this vibrant market.

So, take the leap, explore the endless possibilities, and hire Angular developers in Vietnam with the confidence that you're embarking on a journey toward innovation and excellence.