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At BHSoft, our team is committed to enhancing your corporate learning experience through our cost-effective eLearning software development services.


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BHSoft eLearning Software Development Solutions

BHSoft's technical experts, with their extensive experience working alongside educational partners like public schools and vocational training centers, provide eLearning software development services and consulting services. Our goal is to assist you in managing and implementing your eLearning product while ensuring that it seamlessly aligns with your business strategy and development workflow.


eLearning Portals

BHSoft's eLearning Portals are websites that facilitate learner interaction and collaboration with eLearning content, including courses, presentations, podcasts, and tests. They also provide content management for eLearning providers, offering features for content delivery, analytics, reporting, communication, social learning, and robust security.


Learning Management Systems

The BHSoft learning management systems, built on Moodle solutions, promote direct interaction between instructors and learners on the platform. Our systems provide an array of tools for overseeing virtual classrooms, generating certificates, and gauging the success of training programs through analytics. It's accessible across various devices, accommodates third-party plugins, and guarantees your digital learning success.


Personalized Learning Platforms

Efficiently harnessing personalized learning platforms cultivates a self-learning culture, empowering users to acquire skills that transcend their current roles. BHSoft leverages cutting-edge technologies to offer you a customized platform that suits your unique requirements, all at an affordable cost.


Mobile Learning Solutions

Our mobile learning solutions are flexible, interactive, accessible on multiple devices, scalable, available 24/7, and easy to use, guaranteeing access to all learning resources for every learner. 

Features We Delivery 


Learning Content Development And Management 

- Diverse content types (text, images, video, audio).
- In-built content authoring (eLearning course development).
- Aggregation of learner-generated, third-party, and corporate content.
- Reusable content and templates.
- Content tagging and intelligent search.
- Compliance with technical standards such as SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and LTI.
- Adherence to corporate and industry-specific regulations like HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA.

Learning Process Administration And Delivery

- Accommodates various learning types (instructor-led online, blended, microlearning, self-paced, and more).
- Automated course enrollment based on job roles, skills, and learning history.
- Schedules learning events (training, workshops, exams).
- Provides automated reminders and notifications (new courses, deadlines).
- Utilizes AI for personalized learning paths and content recommendations.
- Conducts performance assessments.
- Offers online proctoring for tests and exams.


Social Features

- Learner profile pages.
- Learning communities.
- Discussion boards, chats, and forums for learner interaction.
- Engagement with content through likes, shares, and comments.



Analytics and Reporting

- Learning history.
- Collection of learner feedback.
- Dashboards for content usage, user activity, and performance assessment.
- Reporting on user regulatory compliance.



- HR software.
- Content management systems.
- Knowledge management systems.
- Task management software.
- Moodle API


​Why Choose BHSoft For Your eLearning Software Development Solutions 

​We are young and enthusiastic and continuously crave new technologies. The BHSoft leaders have years of experience in implementing virtual training for companies from various sectors.

The BHSoft team possesses the capability to develop a wide range of complex systems and platforms. This includes hospital data management platforms, storage management platforms, virtual event planning web apps, waste management platforms, and school bus management systems.

Our process is transparent. We offer clear guidance on your requirements, with no concealed expenses. We strive to identify the optimal solution for you within your budget.

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