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BHSoft provides streamlined OpenCV Development services for integrating computer vision applications into commercial products, empowering businesses to leverage machine perception effectively.

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Discover OpenCV

OpenCV is an open-source computer vision and machine learning software library. It offers a unified infrastructure for computer vision applications. It aims to expedite the integration of machine perception in commercial products. With its Apache 2 license, OpenCV allows businesses to utilize and modify the code.

OpenCV is specifically tailored for image processing, with its functions, features, and data structures focused on this core purpose. This specialization brings numerous advantages:


OpenCV is implemented in optimized C/C++, which translates to faster image processing. Unlike platforms that require interpretation before processing, OpenCV's machine language code is executed directly by the computer, resulting in efficient and speedy performance.


OpenCV is highly efficient, requiring as little as 10MB of RAM for real-time applications. This ability to run in such a minimalistic environment showcases its lightweight nature and performance capabilities.


Being an open-source platform, OpenCV offers unparalleled versatility compared to other image processing platforms. Its open nature allows for continuous updates and enhancements, making it a robust and evolving option for image processing needs.

OpenCV Development Services

We empower companies with a wide range of capabilities, including facial recognition, optical character recognition, image-to-image translation, gesture recognition, mobile robotics, motion tracking and understanding, image labeling, segmentation, and object recognition using Eigen methods and HMM. These technologies enable companies to become predictive and make data-driven decisions.
Our technical expertise and offerings lie in:

Image restoration and reconstruction

Real-time object identification

Visual representation learning

Image recognition using deep learning

Content-based image retrieval

Integrate AI-powered vision capabilities into your business using OpenCV​

  With the power of OpenCV, your business gains the ability to simplify and optimize complex business processes.

3D Reconstruction

Utilize OpenCV library to provide professional and efficient solutions for generating three-dimensional models or representations from 2D images or videos.

Face and Object Recognition

Enhance security in homes and offices by employing algorithms for face and object recognition, which enables real-time detection of unusual and threatening activities, ensuring a security surveillance system.

Character Detection and Recognition

Effective and precise methods for automating the extraction and interpretation of characters from visual data, delivering insightful information, and enabling automation in a variety of fields and industries.

Surface Matching

Harness the power of OpenCV to unlock robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D reconstruction, and object tracking capabilities. With our services, you can gain valuable insights and enable automation across various industries and research domains.

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