3D Mapping Services  

BHSoft, a top provider of 3D mapping services in Vietnam, consistently surpasses customer expectations.

What Is 3D Mapping Services?

​3D mapping services are cutting-edge, technology-driven processes that produce intricate 3D models of real-world spaces or objects. They find applications in various sectors, such as construction, urban planning, land surveys, and infrastructure inspections.

These services play a crucial role in providing precise and comprehensive visualizations of areas and structures, thereby improving decision-making in diverse industries. Moreover, this method is not only cost-effective but also time-saving. It allows for safer inspections by utilizing drones to access hard-to-reach or hazardous areas, enabling in-depth analyses.

Vietnam’s Leading 3D Mapping Services Company 

​BHSoft leads the way in Vietnam's 3D mapping services, utilizing advanced technology to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in diverse industries. We provide precise, high-resolution mapping services, thoughtfully crafted to save time and resources. Our expertise lies in advanced 3D site mapping and performance reporting. 

Whether it's 3D topographic mapping or drone 3D geospatial solutions, our services deliver detailed and accurate visualizations suitable for various projects. Collaborate with us and discover the precision of our services.

​Services We Offer  

​2D & 3D Digital Mapping Services

BHSoft's high-resolution 2D & 3D digital mapping services provide all-encompassing solutions for crafting intricate digital maps and models, tailored to diverse industries and applications. Our expertise lies in converting geographic data into immersive and interactive high-resolution maps and visualizations.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Cesium and Mapbox, we meticulously capture precise data concerning geographical regions, infrastructure, and structures. This data is subsequently processed using advanced GIS software to generate high-resolution 2D and 3D maps and models, ideal for a wide spectrum of uses, including urban planning, construction, environmental monitoring, and beyond. 

3D Models and Visualizations

As the foremost 3D mapping service provider in Vietnam, we specialize in delivering high-quality, precise, and detailed spatial data to support building maintenance and plant management.

Our services employ cutting-edge technologies to capture accurate data on buildings and infrastructure. This data is then processed using advanced GIS software, resulting in the creation of 3D models and visualizations. These assets find applications in building maintenance and plant management, encompassing facilities management, asset and facility management, plant 3D modeling, GIS for facilities management, training, and safety.

Web Map App Development

BHSoft's web map app development services create interactive maps. We design custom mapping solutions for websites, applications, and data visualizations. Our maps are visually stunning and highly functional across devices and browsers. 

We empower businesses in various industries with dynamic and engaging maps that offer insights, navigation support, and data visualization. Our services enhance web presence and engage audiences with tailored interactive maps. BHSoft's expertise in location-based data visualization ensures compelling user experiences, establishing us as a top choice for web map development.


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