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BHSoft is the leading iOS app development services provider in Vietnam, offering Swift mobile app development services that prioritize both quality.

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Introduction to Swift

Swift is an Apple programming language that allows developers to create apps for the iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch platforms. Swift is open-source; it's easy to learn and accessible for developers with innovative ideas. It's fast and efficient due to its real-time feedback and seamless integration with existing Objective-C code. Additionally, developers can write safer and more reliable code, saving time and delivering dynamic app experiences.

Advantages of Swift Development 

Fast & Powerful

Swift's LLVM compiler technology and a standard library make it a fast and powerful language for developing applications.


Swift is a cross-platform language, supporting all Apple platforms, Linux, Windows, and Ubuntu. This makes it easy to develop applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase.

Dynamic Libraries​

Swift supports dynamic libraries, which exist outside of your code and are uploaded when needed. This allows for more efficient memory usage and makes it easier to integrate libraries into your applications.


Swift's APIs are designed to be easy to read and maintain, with inferred types making code cleaner and less error-prone. Modules eliminate headers and provide namespaces, making it easier to organize and reuse code.

BHSoft iOS App Development Services 

BHSoft is a leading iOS app development firm in Vietnam. Our team guides you throughout the app development cycle with expert advice on budget, timeline, and starting points. We collaborate closely with you from design to release, involving you at every step. We're your partner, available 24/7, working efficiently to ensure a successful iOS app launch.

Custom iOS App Development Services
Our team comprising a project manager, business analyst, developers, and QA specialists will assist you in transforming your idea into a reality. We will guide you through the entire product development cycle, along with providing comprehensive maintenance services.
Apple iPad Applications
Our skilled iOS developers at BHSoft can assist you in creating the perfect Apple iPad apps that cater to your business's specific requirements with the latest features.
App Augmentation
We can take over from your previous developer team and complete the development of your ideal app if they were unable to deliver the project. Alternatively, we can review your current mobile app and suggest improvements that can enhance your business.
iPhone App Testing
Our QA team collaborates closely with our developer team to promptly identify and resolve bugs, ensuring optimal performance of the app even under heavy workloads and critical conditions.
Quality Developers For Hire
If your in-house team lacks the required skills or you need to replace them, we can offer you proficient iOS developers of high quality.

Advantages of Swift Development 

Refining your idea​

We refine your idea by conducting in-depth discovery workshops to ensure its potential success.

Creating a product strategy​

We create a product strategy that incorporates ongoing discovery based on analytics and experiments.

Ensuring seamless delivery

Our team understands how to balance product outcomes with business value, ensuring seamless delivery.

Full-cycle mobile development services delivered

We deliver full-cycle mobile development services, focusing on design, architecture, quality, and scalability to create exceptional and sustainable products.

Why hire BHSoft for iOS Swift application development? 

BHSoft has extensive experience working with clients worldwide, enabling us to excel at collaboration. We prioritize efficient communication between our developer team and clients.

BHSoft offers comprehensive maintenance services to our clients post-launch. Our developer team is swift in implementing changes during the development process, while we also promote frequent upskilling and learning of new techniques to enhance their performance.

Leveraging our vast experience in iOS app development, we are well-equipped to create personalized apps that cater to your specific requirements and goals.  

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