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Established in 2014, Bac Ha Software Co., Ltd. (BHSoft) has been uninterruptedly offering services to world-wide clients from various nations including European countries, America, Singapore and Japan. BHSoft provides the optimum solution that assures to meet customer needs. We guarantee that latest technologies are applied on customer’s projects with a view to always delivering the best applications.
Our talent and experienced team have proven ourselves through leading BHSoft to stand among the top Software Development Companies in the market. Our management solution and wealth of expertise are our prominent strength. We understand our clients’ individual needs and build solutions that suit well with their unique requirements. We embrace our customer visions and goals and we strive to achieve them using long-term strategies.


We help clients to design as well as develop future-proof and secure digital products that focus on user needs, concurrently, fulfill clients' business goals.
Full Cycle Product Development

Prototype - MVP - Production

Product Design and Development

Agile software development

Development Teams

On-demand and dedicated team members

Machine Learning services

Artificial intelligence to support competitive edge

Digital Transformation Services

Digital economy is the most critical criterion

A comprehensive approach toward product development

During product development process, we always take into account the following factors: business goals, market demands, user needs, product features and what criteria that make products unique. We use validated processes and methods. We never overlook any creative idea that contribute to deliver flawless products.
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    Agile working methodology

    Based on our experience, we believe that Agile approach is the most efficient method to deliver real business value to our partners within less time-scale. Agile helps us to better control our productivity and quality, thus ensuring that our clients' business needs will be fulfilled.

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    Hypothesis-driven product development

    We use hypothesis-driven method along with the lean approach to encourage customer discovery and involvement of customer during development process. This way we could minimize the cost and effort while still achieving the right product which meet customer demand.

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    Sharing mutual vision and goal during product development process

    It is crucial for team members to reach consensus on business objective as well as vision and goals. Smooth communication and clear understanding not only help members co-operate better but also boost work performance significantly.

What our customers say

We value our customers’ opinions and we aim to improve customer satisfaction. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied clients.

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We offer companies/ organizations a wide range of services from software development to mobile and web application development.
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