Top Essential Tools For React Native Development

React Native has gained widespread popularity across a range of industries, including the world’s best-known apps like Facebook, Uber, and Pinterest built using it. In order to facilitate the coding process, there are many tools for React Native development. These React Native tools can provide software developers with various advantages. This blog is all about essential React Native development tools to facilitate developers to finish the project development process. So let’s have a look at a few of them. 

What is React Native? 

First launched in 2015, React Native is an open-source UI framework that allows developers to build mobile apps for both iOS & Android. By enabling developers to use the React framework along with native platform capabilities, React native can solve the problems of native apps and hybrid apps:

– Not complicated to write many native languages for each mobile platform separately.

– Solve the problem of hybrid performance.

Thanks to that capabilities, React Native development services not only offer benefits to developers but also provides remarkable advantages to business owners.

React Native development services

Why choose React Native for mobile app development?  

Cross-Platform compatibility

React Native uses React JS with native UI library and native APIs to write the base code of one application that can run on both iOS and Android platforms. This reduces the development time and helps you keep the overall app development cost low.

Hassle-free reusability of components

React Native is component-based, which means developers can build components that separate dedicated internal logic and rendering principles. It made React Native able to share the most important code with the potential to have it all in one code base then render it to multiple front-end applications. This speeds up development time; prevents duplicated code; and minimizes the need to spread the effort across multiple development teams.

Support of third-party plugins

React Native also allows you to easily incorporate third-party plug-ins and APIs; including maps and payment systems.

Essential Tools for React Native development 


Atom is a free and open-source text editor known for its easy approach and hackability. Multiple platforms are compatible with Atom such as Linux, Windows, and OS X. It enables you to choose from a variety of open-source packages to add extra features and capabilities. The services include an in-built package manager, cross-platform editing; multiple file navigation via a single window; bespoke designs, and themes.


Nuclide is a free and open-source React Native tool that is developed usually as a single package on the top of Atom. It helps keep a static flow of the coding environment; making it easier for developers to debug their applications. This platform also can edit the elements of React Native on a real-time basis. The inspection and built-in debugging feature is also a great thing for a developer.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code was created by software giant Microsoft. It is a robust React Native source code editor that is free and open-source. For JavaScript developers; it supports JavaScript; TypeScript, and Node.js. Therefore, it is a tool that you can use for everyday work because of its user-friendly development environment. It is one of the best tools in React Native development services


Expo is an open-source toolchain for React Native developers. This React Native tool offers a number of features such as documentation, a Slack community and community forums. Moreover, it also comes with some APIs that are very easy to implement, making the app development process further easier. 


The Ignite CLI is a React toolchain comprising plugins and boilerplate. This React Native tool is a free open-source tool developed by Infinite Red and released in June 2016. It provides developers access to a number of boilerplates to choose from and helps support the plugins. The boilerplates support cross-platform app development both for iOS and Android. Ignite includes services for API testing; customizable themes; components; and usage examples.

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