Exploring 3D Mapping with CesiumJS: Beginner's Guide and Case Study

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November 20, 2023

3D mapping technology has revolutionized how we visualize and interact with geographic data. It finds applications in urban planning, environmental monitoring, and even entertainment. Among the tools available, CesiumJS stands out as a powerful platform for 3D mapping, especially for beginners interested in data visualization. This article offers a beginner-friendly introduction to 3D mapping using CesiumJS, focusing on its practical applications and benefits. We will also explore a case study by BHSoft, where we successfully developed dynamic and informative 3D maps for an Australian client, showcasing the real-world utility of this technology.

What Is CesiumJS?

CesiumJS is an open-source JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and maps. Known for its high-performance visualization capabilities, it allows users to build vibrant, interactive 3D maps that can be viewed in a web browser. It is particularly effective in visualizing large datasets, making it a popular choice for creating detailed 3D maps of Australia.

Basics of 3D Mapping with CesiumJS

3D mapping creates digital representations of terrain and landscapes in three dimensions, offering a more realistic view than traditional 2D maps. CesiumJS simplifies this process, providing beginners with user-friendly tools to create detailed 3D models. Key features like terrain rendering, satellite imagery, and dynamic data layers are especially helpful for those new to the field.

​Data Visualization with CesiumJS

Data visualization is a crucial aspect of 3D mapping, offering an immersive way to interpret and analyze complex spatial data. CesiumJS excels in this arena, enabling the display of large datasets in a visually appealing, interactive 3D environment. Its real-time data rendering capabilities make it invaluable for projects requiring up-to-date visualizations.

CesiumJS in Action: BHSoft Created a Drawing App to Improve Real Estate Visualization and Planning in Australia

The Client and Their Needs

Consider BHSoft's case study, which uses CesiumJS to create a 3D web map application. The client, an Australian company renowned for offering innovative solutions to builders and construction firms, faced a significant challenge. Their customers needed a tool that could not only visualize future construction projects on specific land parcels but also provide detailed insights into the internal structure of proposed buildings. This tool was essential for buyers to make informed decisions before purchasing land, ensuring the chosen site met all their requirements.

Our Solution

Understanding the critical nature of this requirement, BHSoft stepped in to create a solution that would revolutionize the way their client's customers interacted with potential construction sites. Leveraging the powerful combination of CesiumJS and the Leaflet library, BHSoft developed an advanced drawing tool that was seamlessly integrated into the client’s cloud-based application.

The tool was meticulously designed with several groundbreaking features:

- High-Resolution Imagery: Providing crystal-clear visualization, enabling users to view land and building plans with exceptional detail.

- Comprehensive Site Details: Users could access detailed information for any address across Australia, ensuring thorough site analysis.

- AI-Powered Regulation Checks: Automated checks for zoning, building rules, regulations, and setbacks, all performed instantly at the click of a button.

- Real-Time 3D Visualization: Dynamic auto-calculations for cut/fill assessments and shadow projections at different times of the day and seasons, offering a realistic view of potential constructions.

- Instant Plan Creation: Enables users to create instant site plans and sales flyers, downloadable in seconds.

- Versatility for Various Home Types: Suitable for all home types, including custom, manufactured, modular, and more, ensuring wide applicability.

- Regulation Compliance Ease:  Simplified drawing and planning for various home types, streamlining the process for contractors and resellers.

3D mapping with CesiumJS

A screenshot of the 3D mapping tool that BHSoft built for our client

The Outcome

This innovative tool transformed the client's platform, enhancing its functionality significantly. It allowed for more efficient planning and visualization, catering to a broad spectrum of construction projects. The tool's intuitiveness and accuracy in planning and regulatory compliance made it an invaluable asset for the client's customers, offering a comprehensive overview and facilitating better decision-making.

The success of this tool was not just limited to enhanced user experience. It propelled the client's business expansion across Australia and even paved the way for their entrance into the U.S. market. The tool’s effectiveness in improving sales services based on location was a key factor in this expansion, demonstrating the powerful impact of advanced 3D mapping and AI integration in real estate and construction planning.

Through this collaboration, BHSoft not only addressed a complex challenge but also set a new standard in real estate visualization and planning tools, showcasing their expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver practical, impactful solutions.


3D mapping with CesiumJS offers an accessible gateway into the world of spatial data visualization. Its user-friendly interface and powerful data-handling capabilities make it an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike.

BHSoft is the top software company in Vietnam, with a specialized focus on 3D mapping services. We guide our clients through their 3D mapping ventures, harnessing the power of CesiumJS to unlock the full potential of advanced data visualization. If you're seeking assistance with your projects or wish to delve deeper into the integration of CesiumJS, we invite you to connect with us through our contact form for tailored guidance and expert support.