Applications And Importance Of BIM Technology

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies is essential. It is employed all around the world to guarantee extremely effective and cooperative building planning, design, and construction. In this article, we will discover what BIM is, how it works, and what the various BIM levels mean.

What Is BIM?

Throughout the whole life cycle of a construction project, BIM is a process for creating and managing information. This technique involves employing the right technologies to provide a coordinated digital description of each part of the generated product. Typically, this digital description combines information-dense 3D models with pertinent structured data.

What Is The Process Of BIM?

Throughout the life cycle of a building or infrastructure project, the BIM process helps to create intelligent data.

  • Plan: Generating context models of the current built and natural environment using reality capture and real-world data will help project planning.
  • Design: This phase involves conceptual design, analysis, detailing, and documentation. When the preconstruction stage begins, BIM data has an impact on scheduling and logistics.
  • Build: When fabrication begins in this stage, BIM technology criteria are applied. Project building logistics are reviewed with craftspeople and contractors to obtain the optimum timing and efficiency.
  • Operate: Operations and maintenance of finished assets use data from BIM. Future demolition or renovation projects may benefit from the usage of BIM data.

Why Is BIM Important?

With the help of BIM technology, teams involved in design and project construction may operate more efficiently and record the data they produce for use in operations and maintenance. More nations are requiring BIM because of this.

BIM’s use itself demonstrates its significance. It aids in the coordination, planning, design, and construction of precise and accurate data. It supports project timetables and financial viability. Additionally, it helps to ensure that all data submitted throughout the project is consistent, whether it is done at a desk or in the field.

Application BIM Technology in BHSoft Project.

BHSoft designed a presentation tool for BIM to manage, innovate, collaborate, simulate, analyze and optimize projects virtually before making decisions and implementing in the real world, which helps clients build the 3D virtual platform.

  • By importing 3D model files and customizing them on the virtual playground, users may manage their projects. Users can, for instance, observe the model from every angle, measure and align the model, and assess how the model affects the area around it. Additionally, users can track the model’s evolution over time.
  • Users can easily sketch models on the platform with proportions that match their physical dimensions.  
  • Users can manage projects with other valuable features of the platform such as measuring points, measuring distances, clip planes, save view, 4D, AR with 3D, GPS positioning, etc.
Screenshot of a BIM technology presentation tools project
Screenshot of a BIM technology presentation tools project that BHSoft built

Any urban development and building project can be managed with the aid of the website application. With a 4D digital twin of the city and feedback tools, users may manage and cooperate on city planning with residents. Users can control architecture in architecture and incorporate it into city models in their actual locations. Examine VR and AR-based competition options. The web application, which uses BIM technology, combines plans with as-built data, surveys, and drone data to manage even large-scale infrastructure projects.

Why We Choose BIM Technology 

To avoid having last-minute adjustments, BHSoft chooses BIM Technology to build a virtual playground. We utilize this to manage, innovate, collaborate, simulate, analyze and optimize the project virtually which covered various requirements including:

  • Ultimate Collaboration: Users now have continual access to the most recent models and all the information needed
  • Better visualization, coordination: BIM allows constructors to plan before starting constructing on site by making it simpler for people from other disciplines to examine and comment, and prevent last-minute modifications and unanticipated problems.
  • Cost and resource-saving: Using BIM helps investors to anticipate and adjust the expenses accordingly. 
  • Greater efficiency and shorter project lifecycle: With BIM, architects can design buildings and start construction process faster which improved workflow, other efficiencies and ultimately speed up the project.
  • More opportunities for prefabrication and modular construction: Making intricate manufacturing models that can subsequently be prefabricated off-site is made possible by BIM software. Additionally, there are additional chances for architects to create modular building with intricate tolerance calculations that fit together properly.
  • High-quality results: The BIM process makes use of a variety of visualization tools, and the structure itself could be more aesthetically pleasing.

Final thought

In summary, BIM technology is an advanced technology which has been applied world-wide, especially in developed countries. BIM is a completely immersive platform for 3D modeling that incorporates data from various disciplines, businesses, and project phases. Improve the way your projects are delivered and better manage your design data throughout the project by implementing BIM techniques. You can improve the chances of completing a building on schedule and within budget by using BIM analysis to gain a deeper understanding of the data-rich digital depiction of your building.

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