Offshore Development Center: Top 5 Useful Benefits

Offshore Development Center has become increasingly popular within the past decade. In the past few decades, Vietnam has emerged as one of the world’s best destinations for offshore software development. Hence, scroll down to discover some of the top benefits of the Offshore development center that you should not miss!

What is Offshore Software Development

Offshore development center is delegating project operations to a third-party software outsourcing vendor. It is the best choice because it simplifies when selecting an outsourcing company for your projects. This service will help you handle some processes or operations so that you can focus on the main tasks. 

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What are the Benefits of Offshore Development Center

We will shed light on the key benefits of offshore development center – reasons why many companies decide to adopt this approach to gain success.


Over 70% of companies save their development cost using outsourcing. Offshore development center are typically performed in Asia, where labor prices are much lower than in the receiving country. Mainly, Vietnam recently has emerged as one of the top locations for offshoring software development. Vietnamese developers can provide high-quality development projects at a cost that is between 30%-40% less than that of developers in neighboring nations like China or India. 

Receiving well-defined strategy

A well-defined strategy is essential to the success of any organization, where each team member is held accountable for the project’s performance. Having a clear, advanced approach will be made easier with the aid of offshore development teams.. Regarding Vietnam, developers will help customers define a well-defined process to clarify the entire workflow.

Improve the quality of products

Software developed offshore is more affordable and of higher quality. You’ll have more time to determine client needs, generate fresh concepts, and organize software initiatives. Your product will satisfy the highest standards if you work with a group of skilled developers.

Reduce risks

Offshore development centers are less expensive, but they also carry greater small investment risks. While there are still hazards, such as non-compliance, you can lessen them by working with a reliable offshore software development business. Vietnam has emerged as a business destination for offshore development.

Shared responsibility

You enter a win-win partnership when you sign a deal with offshore software businesses. You and your product will share full accountability for the highest caliber of work. This approach also provides your company with the opportunity to continuously evolve and expand.

This indicates that you are more than just the person who is interested in the projects' outcomes. The offshore team will make every effort to reduce the project's risks, glitches, and hazards. It will enable them to produce work of a better caliber.

Complex In Offshore Development Center

When selecting the best outsourcing plan for your company, there are certain drawbacks to consider, even with all the benefits of software development done offshore.

Language Barriers 

Hiring foreign-language-speaking offshore software developers can lead to challenges in the collaboration. It is very likely that you will experience some degree of language barrier, so be ready and do your homework before selecting the partner.

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Time Zone Differences

The workforce in the offshore development center is probably located on the opposite side of the world. The time zone difference has a negative effect on productivity at work. Issues could still occur even if they change their working hours to correspond with the onshore team's. Unexpected project delays might cause scheduling conflicts and other problems for the team.

Data Security

Every company needs to protect itself from cyber-attacks. Hence, you should spend time discussing it with your business team before signing the contract with the software outsourcing provider, regardless of offshore. Then, you also should develop a plan with clear guidelines and milestones in which you can protect your data.

How to manage an Offshore Development Team

Here are some tips for companies to manage offshore software development effectively:

Choose the right market

The first key is to choose the right talent pool with qualifications, skills, and experience that match your requirements and goals. In recent decades, Vietnam has emerged as one of the world’s best destinations for offshore software development. The quality of Vietnamese IT has been strongly invested in creating advanced tech skill sets. Moreover, the number of talented developers in Vietnam is increasing in the young generation. That helps them catch up with the latest technology trends in the dynamic world.

Clear Vision 

Getting your developers to understand what you want them to do and motivate them is critical. That is why you should assign simple tasks to offshore developers and share the whole project picture.

Project Management Tools

To overcome the difficulties, offshore development service teams should use some useful tools to manage offshore development teams. The easier it is to communicate, the faster your project will succeed. Chat tools such as Google Meet, Skype, Slack, and Zoom have grown in popularity. They are very convenient for remote developers to stay in touch. Vietnam’s developers who can fluently use many languages ​​and have much experience will solve all customer problems.

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