Odoo 17 - What To Expect

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Jun 15, 2023

Odoo is an ERP solution  that many in the field are familiar with. Every year, the community eagerly awaits the introduction of a new version during the Odoo Experience event. This time, it's the highly anticipated Odoo version 17, slated for release in October, promising a multitude of quality improvements. So, what can we expect from the upcoming Odoo 17 release in terms of features?

Odoo version 17

Overview of Odoo

Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, was first introduced by Odoo SA in February 2005. Odoo serves as a comprehensive application suite that aids businesses in managing their operations effectively. It offers a wide range of applications for ERP, CRM, e-commerce, website development, and project management. 

In 2015, the company released Odoo Enterprise, a paid version that included advanced features beyond what was available in the earlier Odoo Community edition. Compared with Odoo Community, the Odoo Enterprise version brings forth a range of exclusive features. These include the ability to access the software through dedicated mobile apps, customization support via Odoo Studio, and Odoo Hosting services, and unrestricted assistance for software functionality.

In recent times, Odoo has emerged as a widely recognized and trusted brand, catering to businesses of all sizes and spanning diverse industries. Whether it's manufacturing, retail, accounting, marketing, healthcare, information technology, research, and development, or any other field, Odoo has gained immense popularity and widespread adoption.

About the current version: Odoo 16

Odoo 16 is the current version of Odoo. It was released on 10th December 2022. It introduces several notable enhancements, including:

- Improved user experience with upgrades to the Command Bar, faster page loading speeds, and expanded dashboard viewing options.

- Instant report setup and access, credit limit and invoice alerts for businesses, customizable OCR for invoice generation, and automated form completion features within the Accounting module.

- Optimized image embedding in emails and general attributes for mailing lists in Email Marketing.

- Options for default or declined signatures in the Human Resources module.

- Features for splitting and merging manufacturing orders, as well as order status tracking, within the MRP module.

- Enhanced dark mode View in Odoo.

Odoo 17 Release - What To Expect

Odoo Event 2023 is scheduled to take place in Belgium from November 8th to November 10th, 2023. This highly anticipated event will unveil the latest version release of Odoo 17. Industry experts are already speculating about the exciting new features that will be introduced in this upcoming version.

User Interface Optimization

Odoo 17 is expected to undergo UI/UX redesign. Although there is no official information on the specific improvements aimed at improving the user experience, we can anticipate user interface optimizations. The icons displayed on the interface may also feature different colors depending on their respective functions.

While some users may appreciate the changes in the new interface, others may find the icons overwhelming and too colorful. There are concerns among some users about whether these vibrant icons can ensure accurate functionality. We can only wait and see how Odoo 17 meets user expectations in the absence of official information.One of the most exciting updates in Odoo 17 could be the introduction of an advanced search mode. Businesses can use this feature to find specific information and data by customizing filters. Undoubtedly, Odoo will provide numerous filters with their own criteria and rules for users to choose from.

User intereface optimization in Odoo 17

Enable Advanced Search Mode

One of the most exciting updates in Odoo 17 could be the introduction of an advanced search mode. Businesses can use this feature to find specific information and data by customizing filters. Undoubtedly, Odoo will provide numerous filters with their own criteria and rules for users to choose from.

Advanced search mode in Odoo 17

By utilizing the advanced search mode with filters grouped by customer preferences or specific products/services, businesses will find it much easier to enhance their operational productivity and significantly improve the user experience.

Shortcuts to Odoo PWA

Working with Odoo Progressive Web App (PWA) will become easier as users can quickly access it through shortcuts on their smartphones. The R&D department of Odoo 17 may add more shortcuts that allow users to quickly access other important applications in this version.

These are still predictions of Odoo 17 features from industry experts, and we still have to wait for official announcements from Odoo this year.

Keyboard Record Manipulation

Odoo 17 will make it easier to select and deselect records. The new interface will allow businesses to use keyboard shortcuts for selection and support the Shift key for multiple selections. The system will also include a Deselect All button to unselect the selected records.

Fixed Kanban List and Column Headers While Scrolling

In the current version, when scrolling to access more data, the list and column headers do not remain visible, causing inconvenience for users. However, by fixing the Kanban list and column headers during scrolling, users will be able to easily access the list and view the content more effectively.

New Button instead of Create

Experts predict that in Odoo 17, the New button will be improved to become the Create button. Although this feature is only proposed for Odoo 17, it has also been backported to Odoo 16.

Product Addition from Category View

According to predictions, businesses will be able to select products and then add or reduce their quantities in direct sales orders directly from the category view, with certainty.

Product addition fro category view on Odoo 17

Odoo 17 will also enable us to add products quickly and easily.

Changing Reminders for Pending Documents in the Sign Module

In Odoo 17's Sign module, businesses will have the system reminding them about pending documents or receiving notifications after signing the documents.

Sign module in Odoo 17

According to experts' predictions about Odoo 17 features, businesses will also have options to sign or skip without signing.


These are the anticipated features of Odoo 17, according to numerous industry experts. Odoo 17 release holds great promise for valuable enhancements within the community. To ensure accuracy, businesses are advised to await official information from the Odoo developers in the coming period.

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