Mojo: A new AI programming language

Mojo, the new programming language for AI developers, has just been released. Developed by Modular, an AI startup with strong technical expertise, the language aims to resolve the performance and deployment issues experienced by Python.

What is Mojo programming language?

Mojo is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. It merges the ease of use of Python with the rapidity of C, facilitating the unmatched programmability of AI hardware and the scalability of AI models. According to Modular, Mojo runs 35,000 times faster than Python.

Mojo is designed as a superset of Python. As a result, if you already know Python, learning Mojo should be simple. Moreover, Mojo's incorporated web server and capability to handle intricate computations make it a flexible option for programmers.

Why do we need Mojo when we have Python?

As we all know, Python is a popular choice for fields like data science, machine learning, and AI thanks to its simplicity and versatility. It offers a wealth of packages that are useful for anyone working with data. However, for libraries that require excellent performance, Python only serves as a glue layer and provides low-level bindings to C, C++, and other languages with better performance.

While this has enabled the development of libraries like Numpy and TensorFlow, it comes with a drawback: building these libraries requires a low-level understanding of the internals of CPython and knowledge of C and C++, making it complicated.

According to the Mojo docs, the issues with Python are particularly impactful in AI. As a result, Mojo was created to address the gaps and limitations of Python. It combines the ease of use of Python with the performance of C, offering the best of both worlds.

What are the features of Mojo?

Python ecosystem-compliant

Mojo programming language is essentially built on top of Python. Therefore, transitioning to Mojo should be relatively easy if you're already comfortable with Python. This is because the two languages share a lot of common functions, features, and libraries. Popular Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib are also available in Mojo.

Strong type checking

Mojo provides leverage types to improve error checking and performance. While you can still use flexible types as in Python, Mojo allows you to use strict type checking. This can make your code more predictable, easier to manage, and safer.

Memory ownership and borrowing checker

Mojo offers owned argument convention that allows functions to have exclusive ownership over a value. This feature promotes memory safety without any downsides.


Mojo comes with autotuning built-in. This automatically finds the optimal values for your parameters to make the most of the target hardware.


Leveraging MLIR

Mojo's Multi-Level Intermediate Representation (MLIR) allows developers to leverage vectors, threads, and AI hardware units. This gives Mojo a significant performance boost compared to Python, which only supports single-threaded execution. 

Mojo's ability to process tasks in parallel across multiple cores is one of the reasons why it is 35,000 times faster than Python.

What are the applications of Mojo?

Mojo is a highly adaptable programming language that can be applied to various real-world situations. Below are some examples:

Artificial intelligence

Mojo is a powerful programming language for developing AI applications due to its high execution speed and strong support for complex computations. It allows developers to build advanced AI models for machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision while also optimizing performance through its use of MLIR and specialized hardware like GPUs and TPUs.

Scientific Computing

Mojo's strong support for complex computations and numerical operations makes it an excellent choice for scientific computing. It is used for developing simulations, data analysis tools, and mathematical models.

Systems Programming

Mojo's low-level features and system-level programming support make it well-suited for developing operating systems, device drivers, and other system-level applications.

Web Development

With its built-in web server and simple syntax, Mojo is a great choice for developing web applications and APIs.

Game Development

Mojo's high-performance capabilities and support for graphics and sound make it an excellent choice for game development.

Network Programming

Mojo's support for asynchronous I/O and concurrency makes it well-suited for developing network applications, such as servers and clients.


Mojo is a versatile programming language that boasts an easy-to-learn syntax, superior memory management, and faster execution speed than many other languages. Although Mojo is still under development, you can try it out today on the JupyterHub-based Playground after registering.

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