BHSoft Sapa Summer Trip 2022: A Time To Remember

The Sapa Summer Trip 2022 is the biggest event of BHSoft for our members after quite a while. The Covid-19 pandemic had affected every one of us in the last few years. Luckily, it had cooled off in Vietnam so we had a window to organize this special event.

The BHSoft family spent four days away from the crowded Hanoi metropolitan at Pao’s Sapa Leisure Hotel – the first luxury 5-star hotel in the beautiful mountain town.

The Sapa Summer Trip 2022 not only provided quality relaxing time for our members but also was the occasion to build chemistry between them and reward the MVPs of the company.

Fun activities and memorable moments filled the beautiful Sunday of July 3rd. First off, we have insanely fun team-building activities including tug of war, bag jumping, and moving things with mouths,…

Afterward, we had a gala dinner to reward teams and individuals that had great team-building results and of course, to have more fun moments together.