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BHSoft Celebrating 9 Years of Excellence: A Journey of Achievements and Growth

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October 03, 2023

As we stand on the precipice of our 9th-year celebration, we are filled with a deep sense of pride and gratitude. During the journey that began in 2014 as BHI, over the years, BHSoft witnessed tremendous growth, overcame challenges, and forged lasting partnerships.

BHSoft Celebrating 9 Years of Excellence

BHSoft Celebrating 9 Years: Milestones Through the Years 

2014: BHI established in July - a joint venture between BHTech and Vianova Finland. In October, the first official planning meeting of BHTech Ecosystem took place, with a team of 26 new employees.

2018: A new chapter began with the opening of our Vinh City office, initially staffed by 7 dedicated team members. On November 7th, 2018, we officially changed our company name to Bac Ha Software Company, known as BHSOFT.

2021: A pivotal year with 65 employees, two offices in Hanoi and Vinh, and a remarkable 10 production departments - B1 to B9, along with a dedicated QA team.

2022: The year brought expansion as our Hanoi office grew to an impressive 640 square meters in August.

2023: Our journey continues with a growing team, now boasting over 100 dedicated professionals.

Our journey is far from over, and we are committed to continuing our evolution. We look forward to embracing new challenges, expanding our reach, and delivering even more value to our clients.

Celebrating the 9th Year

Director Tran Vu Viet Anh's opening speech celebrated 9 years of growth, acknowledging the challenges we've overcome. 

"It is 9 years with BHSoft, engaging in numerous exciting activities," Director Viet Anh reflected. "Of course, not everything has been easy. However, BHSoft has remained stable and is steadily growing. We constantly prioritize our customers' needs, considering it an integral part of our daily operations. We are a brick to build your goals."

BHSoft Celebrating 9 Years of Excellence

The atmosphere brightened with the arrival of Mr. Nguyen Nhat Quang, Director of Vinasa Institute of Science, who brought flowers and a profound message. 

"In a world where AI is advancing rapidly and economic recessions are a reality," he began, "we must understand that both companies and the world itself are evolving. To prepare effectively for this transformation, we must pay special attention to AI, ensuring it becomes our efficient assistant rather than a replacement."

BHSoft Celebrating 9 Years of ExcellenceIn a heartfelt gesture, the director personally presented gifts to our outstanding individuals, creating an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude.

BHSoft Celebrating 9 Years of Excellence

In every toast, in every smile, and in every shared moment, the spirit of BHSoft shone brightly. The 9th-year celebration was a beautiful chapter in our journey, a testament to our resilience, and a glimpse into the promising future that awaits. It was a night that left us not just with memories but with a renewed sense of purpose and unity, ready to embrace the challenges and successes that the 10th year would bring.

Gratitude to Customers and Partners

Our journey at BHSoft would be incomplete without expressing our profound gratitude to our esteemed customers. Your trust and unwavering support have been the cornerstones of our success. As we celebrate our 9th year, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for choosing us as your IT services partner

BHSoft Celebrating 9 Years of Excellence

Your challenges have been our challenges, and your triumphs have been our triumphs. It's your feedback and partnership that have driven us to excel, and we pledge to continue delivering innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Promising Future Growth

BHSoft's commitment to growth and innovation is unwavering. As we've evolved from a small company to a dynamic team of over a hundred professionals, we've witnessed the power of dedication and vision. Looking ahead, we’re transitioning into an Enterprise IT Services Company, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.

In closing, as we celebrate 9 years of excellence, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners, and the entire BHSoft family. The journey ahead is filled with promise, and we are committed to embracing it with resilience and innovation. Together, we look forward to many more years of shared achievements and collaboration. Thank you for being an integral part of our remarkable story.