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We offer a GeoServer, Open Layer, and Mapbox development service that provides a robust mapping solution for your business.

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Introduction to GeoServer, Open Layer and Mapbox 

At BHSoft, we rely on GeoServer, OpenLayers, and Mapbox to create dynamic maps for web pages and other platforms. These technologies help us display map tiles, vector data, and markers from any source while ensuring mobile compatibility.

GeoServer is a Java-based open-source server that allows for processing, sharing, and editing of geospatial data. It supports various input formats and generates stunning maps that meet industry standards.​

 OpenLayers is an open-source JavaScript library that enables easy creation of interactive web maps. It is user-friendly and compatible with most web browsers.

Mapbox is a cloud-based solution that offers location-based services such as search, navigation, and maps for mobile and web applications. It is a contributor to several open-source mapping projects, including TileMill, CartoCSS, and Leaflet.

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