Custome Software Development

Custom software has undeniably become a major source of competitive advantage for many companies of all size. Custom software is application developed specifically for your business or organization to meet particular needs. Custom software helps your business to stand out from the crowd, presenting your status and showing the fact that you treat your business seriously.

BHSoft is a long-term reliable partner with more than 10 years of experience in building, managing and supporting custom software solutions.

BHSoft with its reliable team of proven capability will definitely help you to deliver cost-effective and quality custom software solution.

BHSoft are highly customer-oriented. We develop and strengthen our long term partnership to provide better value to our customers.

BHSoft offers software development intended to meet customers’ unique demand. Our tech and business savvy engineering team understands the game of business and deliver successful solutions that are in accordance with all specific requirements within a time frame and budget limit. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we also provide software maintenance and platform-based customization.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable company to build your software or to bring your current software to the next level, we are the right choice for you. We have helped many companies from new-funded startups to well-established corporations to digitally transform their business into a whole new level. We will be with you from the very first stage of your product till whenever your aspiration takes you to.

Nowadays, every company is in need of a quality website. It is the bridge between firms and potential customers. A good website can help companies to gain competitive edge, to beat the competition in today’s business environment. The website presents the company image 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Web development services help your company to enhance product knowledge, maintain communication between between companies and potential clients, selling your product and services more efficiently, generating leads for the business as well as increase the popularity of your company image.

That is why we are here to help you build your dream website with all amazing features that you need at very affordable cost.

In order to implement your ideas, we establish a dedicated team of experts who contribute to your outsourcing web development and make it be successful. We develop feature-rich custom web applications, sites and portals for corporate, organizations and internet-focused projects.
Moreover, we do deliver full-cycle SaaS solution development, deployment and support services. BHSoft provides you with qualified/master and skilled developers for web development service as PHP and .NET. With many years of experience across every aspect of web technology, we solve your business problem with elegant and cost-effective web solutions.


Server Side of Web Application Development Services
  • Microsoft .NET

We can make your outsource asp.NET development viable and successful with technologies we offer Platforms: Windows, Frameworks: CS .Net & ASP.Net MVC, DB: MS SQL, PosteGreSQL, MySQL, Mongo DBMongo DB, JS: JQuery, Backbone.js, Knockout

  • PHP/NodeJS

Let’s outsource PHP development and achieve success with BHSoft through technologies we offer Platforms: Windows & Linux, Frameworks: Laravel & yii & CakePHP & Symfony,  CMS: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, DB: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB.

Client Side of Web Application Development Services

Technologies: HTML 5 and CSS3/Bootstrap 3/JavaScript/Jquery/Angular JS / Ajax

Responsive Web Design: BHSoft provides responsive web design service in order to gives end users images, media flexibility and displaying in an appropriate manner on any device. Recently, many new devices with higher resolutions and screen sizes are available. Be ready and hire responsive web designers from BHSoft. Our professionals know how your website can be adapted for resolution, image size and scripting capabilities of other gadgets very well. Responsive design service shall be extremely advantageous for your business and provide a strong connection with your target audience.

The advantages of responsive web design are usability, better and consistent UX for mobile and tablet users, missing information avoidance compared with a non-optimized website version, no application installation, maintenance, cost reduction of cross-device design and maintenance, only one content set management.

As you outsource web application development to BHSoft, you can trust our expertise, dedication, professionalism and diligence. These are the hallmark of outsourcing web development company.

BHSoft provides a wide range of mobile application development services across all main platforms: iOS, Android as well as cross-platform.

Our innovative team will build responsive apps for you as well as consult you on mobile solution that works best for you. Our process is one-hundred percent user-centered. We cultivate our expertise in every stage of your product development to assure that we can deliver quality, on-time and on-budget products for you.

What we can do for you?

Pre-Development Stage

Consulting, Requirement Capturing, Prototyping, Apps design

Development Stage

Apps development and maintenance, Integration of data and apps, Frameworks/SDK development & maintenance, Testing

Engagement models

Fixed price project delivery, Mobile developers on demand, Dedicated team of mobile developers

Mobile operating systems

BHSoft provides clients with experienced app development outsourcing teams which have deep expertise in mobile development. We develop mobile applications tailored exactly to your specific requirements for enhanced business efficiency, functionality and added value.

Please go with us on Outsource mobile development and get a clear vision of your success.

iOS and Android Development

As you intend to outsource iOS and Android app development, it is neccessary to have skilled programmers in order to make your mobile ideas reality. BHSoft offers you iOS and Android developers with different levels of qualification ranging from junior, middle or senior developers or even a skilled programming team.

You know your needs. We know your solutions. Please come and have success with BHSoft!

Mobile App Maintenance Services

With intensive experience in product development, technologies, and different enterprise architectures in mobile application, our team has been providing mobile app maintenance services to ports, migration and maintenance of various applications to the latest technologies.

Why maintenance – Our approach

In order to have product maintenance with a stable service, companies should build professional technical teams experienced in a wide range of mobile and Back-end skill sets. In reality, a few companies can afford or are willing to pay for full-time teams to do this job.

Bac Ha Mobile Soft has developed strong technical teams with more than three year experience in mobile application development and maintenance. We have Back-end teams with more than 5-year experience in client server solutions and enterprise solutions. We also offer high quality maintenance service to your mobile applications at a reasonable price.


Upon the receipt of maintenance order, it is necessary to understand the application, other available published applications on stores and product requirement (requirements, design and architecture document etc.) Then, there shall be a quick test for bugs/issues, if any. Survey, feedback review and suggestion shall be made for application improvement.

Maintenance works

Based on customer requirement, feedback and applications’ status, we shall discuss on a service agreement based on scope of works:

  • Maintenance work to fix bugs/crashes
  • New OS, new device update
  • New feature upgrade plan
  • Or any other development works

The cost shall be based on:

  • How would you like to respond/report with comments from Stores?
  • How minimum effort (in man-days) would you like to reserve for application (per year/quarter/month)?
  • How long do you expect to deal with problems/issues, if any (within 4/8/24 hours)?

No matter what stage you are in, we are willing to help you. We can take over a failing project and deliver it successfully. As the projects’ deadline are set as schedule but some projects fall apart midway through development. As your existing provider isn’t working out or you need, we are ready to support. We support you to overcome your trouble and fulfill your project within your time frame.

If you have a partially completed product or it is requires to be finish under tight deadline or the documentation may be incomplete or not available at all, some source code maybe missing, we will analyze what you have, assess the completion and provide you with a plan to fulfill your product.

Our dedicated and high quality staff have seen it all. They have extensive experience in the support of unfamiliar systems and remained calm and effective in the face of apparent crisis. Please, tight a spot you’re in, we’ll able to help.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and our 100% reliability. When we say we’ll do something, we do it. You can have peace of mind and get your project back on track.

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