Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, self-quarantine and social distancing are strongly encouraged to restrain the spread of the virus. This is driving huge growth in remote freelance work. While some employers are rushing to freelancing platforms with a hope to find the right experts for their business, others prefer to hire their own team with the help of outsourcing agency. 

Outsourcing and outstaffing are very popular in the IT service industry. This article will focus on explaining why finding a good outsourcing partner is a much better and safer choice compared to hiring freelancers.


When it comes to IT projects, organizing is always the key to success. Outsourcing companies totally outperform freelancers in terms of this matter. While a freelancer is usually just a single person, outsourcing companies are the entire dedicated team of workers. These include project managers, business analysts, teams of developers, maintenance team and assurance quality team who can cover all the work for you from A to Z. 

All you need to do is to contact a suitable company, discuss with them and they will carry out the work as you specified. This saves you a lot of time and energy, especially when the size of your project is big and you have no clue what you should do first. Would you expect a freelancer to estimate for you the whole project in the long run, or give you advice on which feature should be the core? I doubt that. When you encounter the whole outsourcing team, they know the best for you. They will guide you on every stage of your product development. 

With an outsourcing company, you can hire a whole team of developers and you will be in charge of this team. They will report daily work directly to you. This is called “dedicated team service”. You don’t have to struggle with different freelancers or juggle all the work by yourself. 


With the rising popularity of freelancing platforms, it is very simple nowadays to find freelancers for your need. Whereas with outsourcing firms, it is a bit more formal. You have to go through processes of discussion and signing agreements. However, this formality guarantees better security and reliability. With freelancers, it is difficult for you to have control over them because of these reasons:

  • Freelancers are at-will. Although it is easy to find them and assign them work, there is no agreement that saves you in case a freelancer doesn’t comply with your agreements and requirements. They can walk away because of personal reasons or drop some of their clients (including you) if they have a handful of other customers. 
  • There is a chance that freelancers may steal your confidential information or your idea. It is much more secure to cooperate with a good outsourcing partner. You will have all clear discussion before embarking on partnership, along with agreement on not sharing your confidential information with third parties. 
  • Freelancing platforms are unable to control all published profiles. Not all profiles are 100% reliable. Some freelancing platforms have policies for extra protection or compensation for employers in case of fake profiles but only for premium accounts.  
  • Many freelancers suddenly disappear when payment is done, leaving incomplete projects behind. 


With freelancing, you can have plenty of options, thousands of applications and candidate submissions once you post a job. But this is the exact reason why it is more time-consuming to hire freelancers. The more options you have, the harder you are able to choose the right candidate. And even when you have already sorted out and eliminated all the mismatches, you still face tough choice to choose between high rating profiles and unique experience profiles.

A qualified outsourcing partner will be such a helping hand in terms of finding for you the right candidate in no time. Even when they don’t have the right candidate, they will tell you directly without wasting your time.

Another matter about time is the deadline. Freelancers can have many clients at the same time and sometimes it’s too much for them to handle. Hence, it comes as no surprise that they easily miss the deadlines. No promise and no certainty. Meanwhile, outsourcing companies are much more professional in taking care of issues. They are well prepared for urgent situations. For instance, outsourcing companies are much more likely to have adequate human resources to substitute when facing a tight deadline.


It is much better to work with a professional outsourcing company, especially when you are hoping for your project to go further and leverage into a more complete and better product that is ready to enter the market.

For example, after the success of your Proof of Concept (POC), you would like to develop your live-product to enter the market. Or your web application experience framework/ core library update or you need a total architecture redesign of your website. All of these situations require an urgent expansion of your team. At the beginning, you only needed two developers but then you need 5 or 6.

In such situations, outsourcing companies are much more skillful at scaling and adjusting your team with their available resource. They will line up and hand-pick more members that best suit your team. As a result, you don’t have to waste your time to search for other experts by yourself and expect them to team up.


In the matter of price, freelancers may appear tempting. However, this might only work for small projects. In case of big and long-term projects with multiple development phases, it might end up costing you more to hire a freelancer than having a team to plan ahead and take care of everything for you.

At BHSoft, we provide you with professional outsourcing and outstaffing services without hidden fees. Our process is transparent and you absolutely have full control over your project from the very first stage until the end. We put emphasis on long-term cooperation with our clients. Partnership with us is built to last. 

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