BHSOFT utilizes Microsoft Azure service in client project

This time BHSoft utilized Microsoft Azure to implement the client project. This time we work with an US client who owns a supplier management system that manages and optimizes supplier quality assurance across the whole supply chain. The client needed a system to help organizations to manage suppliers, buyers and companies in one same platform along with documents/ certifications transferring among different supply chain players.

BHSoft helped the client build the whole system including:

System design
  • Design and review of architecture and related technology  
  • Development of solution overview which set out user interface, functionality and user workflow. This overview was also intended to ensure the clarity in requirements for all stakeholders
System development
  • Platform development and testing.
  • Regular update and review with the Product owner. 
System deployment
  • Finalize deployment with testing of the platform with live data.
  • Commissioning. 

Main features of the system:

  • Company Management
    • Users can search companies by name or add new companies into the list.
    • Show the number of associated buyers of each company in the list, how many were created and maximum number of buyers that the system allows users to create.
    • Show number of suppliers of each company, how many were invited and maximum number of suppliers that the system allows users to create.
    • Show the number of forms created and the maximum number of forms that the system allows users to create.
  • Company profile in details
    • Show name of the company, contact information (email, phone number, website, address).
    • Show information of suppliers invited and forms created.
    • List all buyers along with their information: name, username, email address, job title, permission/ responsibility and status (active/ inactive).
  • Supplier Management
    • List all supplier names along with supplier information: status, email, company name, form type, number of products, tags.
    • Users are able to search for suppliers by name, create new requests and add new suppliers, view last buyers in contact.
  • Request Management
    • Allows users to manage all forms: form description, company name, date created, latest updated, product name and  status. 
  • Profile Management
    • Allows users to manage their own account: personal information and company information. 

Microsoft Azure Services that we used in the project:

Use Microsoft Azure App Service for web application

For quick build and deployment, we used Microsoft Azure App Service to build customer web apps and APIs. We work with .NET Core and React. We also streamline CI/CD with Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions, Atlassian Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Docker Hub, and Azure Container Registry.

Use CosmosDB for database

We used CosmosDB to store user data. Cosmos DB helps us a lot in building highly responsive and highly available applications. Particularly, we used Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB application. 

We used Azure blob storage to store files that users uploaded

We used Microsoft Azure blob storage to store files that users uploaded. We chose Blob Storage because it’s pretty cost effective with tiered storage for long-term data. It’s also flexible and easy to scale up for high-performance.

Front-end we used React

BHSoft has a powerful React team who have tons of experience working with React projects. It’s very convenient to us and it was also our client’s request to build the app with React.

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