It is undeniable that cross-platform app development is in its prime in recent years. Developers love cross-platform solutions because it is economical and time-saving. It also offers multiple benefits such as code reusability, native UI, multiple platform compatibility, API access, and high performance. In our new blog post, we will point out for you how cross-platform solutions benefit health care app development as well as how we used Flutter to build a Healthcare app for our client. 

How cross-platform solution benefits Healthcare App development

A health care app often processes a very large amount of data including personal, financial data, and healthcare records. The data is also accessed by a very large number of users on a daily basis. Therefore, fast processing and good stability are the first priorities when it comes to building healthcare apps. 

Cross-platform solutions are stable

Cross-platforms are pretty stable for building mobile apps. Apps built through cross-platform are not affected by any iOS/ Android updates or even system customization. They can also endure crash and functionality updates. 

Cross-platform solutions are fast

In terms of performance, cross-platforms also prove to be super-efficient. For example, Flutter invented its own programming language called Dart that doesn’t require bridges to access widgets. The Flutter’s hot reload feature allows developers to see the changes right away, saving time during the development phase.

How to choose the right cross-platform

These are the top cross-platforms to choose from:


Flutter is backed by Google with the most frequent updates and a fast-growing community to support. Flutter has its own programming language called Dart, which makes it easy to access widgets without “bridges”. Flutter is absolutely suitable for building apps with complex architecture and processing a large amount of data.

Healthcare apps with a basic dashboard, geolocation, progress bars, and other interactive visual elements will be absolutely well made with the help of Flutter.


React Native is created by Facebook. React Native has a very strong community and is followed by plenty of JS developers. React Native is suitable for building lightweight apps with standard UI components & interaction, decreasing load time, and good responsiveness. One advantage of ReactNative over Flutter is that native apps consume less memory than apps built with Flutter. 


Xamarin uses C# as its main language. Hence, Xamarin is a good option for building apps that are developed with C# (.NET) language. Ideally, there should be a .NET development team to follow the whole process of building the app and maintain the app after launch. 

How Flutter helped us with building this Healthcare App

Flutter helped to build the app fast

We had quite a limited time for this project. Flutter’s code reusability saved us both time and cost. A single code base across both Android and iOS platforms is super convenient for building fast apps like this. Not having to rewrite code definitely helped to cut a significant amount of development time. We were able to launch the app faster than expected.

Flutter is great for troubleshooting

Flutter is backed by Google. Frequent updates and a thriving community helped us a lot while building this app. Every time we have some issues such as trouble with download features, selecting dates on a calendar, choosing files, etc. There is always a plugin available to help us. 

Flutter offers extra stability and productivity

Flutter ready-to-use widgets give extra stability to the platform, allowing developers to be more productive. Flutter’s simple syntax results in writing less code. Therefore, developers can have more time to focus on more complex problems of the project.

We also chose Flutter because it is very friendly with Android developers with great IDE support. 

Flutter is really good for animation and interactive visual elements

The animation looks good on all platforms Android/iOS, web, desktop, and more. Flutter’s hot reload feature lets us see the change effect without having to reload the app. We can find and fix bugs right away on the go. 

It was convenient for all members of the team as we didn’t need to write separate modules for different platforms. So even new members could catch up with the app progress. As a result, we were able to add more developers later into the projects.

About the app we built

The client is in need of a mobile health app that allows users to check, track and improve their health with the principles of acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and emotional health.

BHSOFT was responsible for the new UI and additional feature developments for both the Android and iOS versions of the app using Flutter.

Check our portfolio for details of the app

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