Recruiting platforms play an important role in helping companies to find and hire the right candidates. This article targets directly at those who are thinking about investing in an Applicant Tracking System. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be extremely beneficial to your recruiting process. Here are the reasons why:


Advantages of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

1. Communication Improvement

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) improves communication within your recruiting team and with others who are involved in your recruiting process. Members can easily send messages about specific applicants, exchange information and assign tasks right on the platform. 

2. Accelerate decision making process

The system is capable of keeping track of all data related to the candidates, open vacancies so you don’t have to memorize anything. You can clearly view all applicants’ history and make decisions that are accessible to everyone. The entire team can also view member comments, ratings and view communication with the applicant. In most cases, the ATS system is also capable of keeping track of all data related to the candidates, open vacancies so you don’t have to worry about information being lost or misplaced. 

3. Useful Integration

The system is also integrated with other recruiting platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and many more so you can conveniently post jobs, manage applications/ resumes from all job boards as well link job ads to acquire more applications. You can easily manage your talent pool and candidate profiles as well as access candidates information on their social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

4. Save time and cut cost

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you save your valuable time by automating and optimizing your hiring routines. One job posting can generate hundreds of resumes. The software helps companies effortlessly find the right candidates with the right skills and qualifications as well as respond to candidates much faster. This solution saves your valuable time but still helps you to manage your talent pool effectively.

All information is stored in one place, making it easier for everyone to track progress and review documents. ATS system also delivers detailed, exportable recruiting reports and analytics. Sufficient data will help users to plan and make better decisions in terms of recruiting strategy. 

5. Easy to share job

Thanks to integration features with other platforms, members can easily upload jobs and share them on various social media channels. No need to set up various accounts with different channels. Just with a few clicks within the system dashboard, your hiring team can post jobs across multiple job boards online (LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Career Builder, Indeed, Glassdoor, and more). 

Reports & analytics from the system also inform you the progress and success level of job advertisements/ job posts. 

6. All-in-one Management of applications

With an ATS, all information you need is in one place. You can quickly move between applications, view and update candidate status, filter & compare candidates, search for specific candidates.  

7. Better reach for hiring companies

ATS is much more helpful and easy-to-use than many online applications, thus, attracting more potential & qualified job candidates into the hiring pool. 

Through automating processes, ATS helps to sort out the best candidates while automatically eliminating those who may not fit the job requirements. 

BHSoft helps our clients to build an impressive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and cloud-based recruiting software. We devote our energy to make recruitment and talent management your competitive advantages in today’s challenging business environment. We use our own algorithm to build systems that can automatically match and rank candidates to job positions based on skills and competences, which are provided by a personality test that candidates have taken. Reach us via email to request a demo.