Workshop on Automation

With the aim of BIM introduction on technical infrastructure and automation, the Institute of Construction Economics of the Ministry of Construction as BIM Steering Committee in co-operation with experts of Oulu University in Finnish and Novatron Company ( held the Workshop on Automation and demonstration. Please view the workshop by the link:

BHSoft is a software development company which provides the best service to partners and clients in on-demand software development teams, custom software development, software product development and technology consultancy. BHSoft has participated in this workshop as an experienced company in similar solution development and implementation in Vietnam. As of now, most of BHSoft’s clients are very satisfied with their finished and on-going projects.

Workshop on Automation Workshop on Automation

About Novatron:

Novatron, part of the MOBA Group, is an expert in digitalized earthmoving solutions. We develop, manufacture and deliver machine control systems for mobile machinery and offer education and consultation services for all the different phases of digitalized earthmoving projects.

Main focus of our research and development is in 3D measuring applications for mobile machinery. We are actively developing our products and services together with professionals of constuction business, universities and other research facilities. Our intelligent 3D solutions enable model-based construction process (Building Information Modeling, BIM) and increase the productivity of the earthmoving industry.