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We celebrate our 6th Anniversary!

Bac Ha Software (BHSOFT) has grown so fast that we needed to extend our office. Over 80 desks, green & comfortable workplace along with great chillout zones are ready to be used by BHSoft members. We are also very happy & excited to welcome here many newcomers!

Have a look at our New Space!

Good space inspires people to work & create. Let’s together have a good working experience here!

With this new office, we hope to encourage our employees to create more productive work & to collaborate better. We also wish to make our new members feel truly welcomed to our organization. Making them get familiar & comfortable with a new working environment is the very first step to start a healthy work relationship. 

Our teams also have been growing a lot recently & we feel amazing to have such young, fresh & talented new members as part of our teams. 

BHSoft 6th anniversary
Team B2 – Web Development, GIS & 3D Team
BHSoft 6th anniversary
Team B1 – Mobile development team
BHSoft 6th Anniversary
Team B3 – PHP, WordPress & Laravel Development Team
BHSoft 6th anniversary
Quality Assurance Team
BHSoft 6th anniversary
Business Development Team

This time of the year once again we celebrate our Company 6th Anniversary. We will have a big party to celebrate our success & achievements. It is also a big occasion to appreciate our colleagues, staff, associates, our customers for all the support & efforts they put into the company. 

BHSoft 6th anniversary
Mr. Tran Vu Viet Anh & the most loyal BHSoft members
BHSoft 6th anniversary
BHSOFT members in Vinh city
BHSoft 6th anniversary
BHSoft partners – Harmony Software
Mr. Nguyen Duc Linh handed gifts to BHSoft leaders – two valuable pictures that he himself took during his road trips
BHSoft 6th anniversary
People are happily celebrating at the party
The food looks delicious
Birthday cake – A gift from BHSOFT partner – HarmonySoft
Happy Birthday to BHSOFT

We love to thank our proudest and most valued employees because without them, nothing would have been possible. We all have tried hard this year and together we have taken BHSOFT to a whole new height with all marvelous successes through all these years. With your non-stop dedication, our company can develop further & prove our ability to be the best in our field. With BHSOFT, no dream is unreachable!

At the party, Mr Tran Vu Viet Anh congratulated everyone on this very big occasion and he hopes for the best in the coming years.

We all deserve a big round of applause. It’s not just a corporate anniversary, it’s an anniversary of a family that grew stronger and bigger through the time. Happy anniversary!

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our customers who supported us. You are not just our partners, you are our assets that we value most. Thanks for being a part of us that have made us come this far. 


Nguyen Bao Ngoc