Vietnam as rising powerhouse for IT outsourcing

Vietnam as rising powerhouse for IT outsourcing

In IT industrial revolution of 21st century, there is no doubt that all countries are in the run for the technology competition. IT Outsourcing is more popular than ever to all the countries that desire to save cost and utilize available resources through collaborating with outsourcing partners. India and China used to be the well-known hot-spots for many foreign tech companies to acquire IT outsourcing resources. Recently,  Vietnam has risen up with a new fame of high quality outsourcing, affordable cost, hard-working and loyal workers.

Opinions from international professionals

According to Alan Ho, Chief marketing executive of TIBCO software (Asia Pacific and Japan Branch) at Announcement Ceremony with International Francophone Institute of Hanoi National University,  Vietnam is among the fastest growing software markets in the world. Vietnamese software engineers are absolutely capable of competing with international counterparts at the same level and at lower price. Pierre Bonnet – Co-founder and Director of  Vietnam Orchestra Networks with over 20 years of experience in data management solution and 2-year experience in Vietnamese market also have the same opinion. He also claims that this is the reason for many foreign tech companies are drawn to Vietnamese market in recent years.

Reasons for Vietnam as destination

Costing is the key factor that contributes to the appealing of Vietnam IT Outsourcing labor force. The labor cost is just one third compared with in India and a half in Eastern Europe. About two-thirds of the population is under 30 years old which helps to boost the talent pool with young and enthusiastic people. Additionally, Vietnamese talent has the reputation of hard-working, flexible, willing to adapt and eagle to learn new knowledge in fast-changing environment.  They are also relatively loyal in terms of collaboration. All these are indispensable traits for companies who seek long term investment and cooperation. Moreover, compared to China or Japan, the language barrier is much less. In recent years, English proficiency is gradually increasing in Vietnam, bringing Vietnamese software engineers closer to global standard.

Realizing the potential of such a young, tech-savvy population, the government of Vietnam has been strongly encouraged investment in high-tech zones and development of high-tech human resources. The aim is to turn tech into one of the main economic sectors of the country and to train highly-skilled workforce to compete with neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Find quality and suitable outsourcing partner

Vietnam is definitely a rising star in terms of IT outsourcing with strong characteristics with fast-growing GDP, increasing population of well-educated, young labors who are willing to learn and adapt with new technologies and stable government. These explain for the fact that the number of foreign clients searching for Vietnam IT outsourcing partners has been increased dramatically every year. SMEs and even big corporate look out for their outsourcing partners to solve their problems which they are struggling with or not having skill set for. As a result, they can gain the competitive advantage and their problems solved by the time they wake up for the next working day.

With all the benefits clearly listed above, the only challenge lies on how to find a quality and suitable  outsourcing company in Vietnamese.  There are usually two main outsourcing options as building a team from a professional outsourcing partner or a freelance developer group. At Bac Ha Software Co., Ltd,. we provide software solutions on time and on demand. Our teams are flexible and varied in technologies. We have many years of experience in IT industry, over 20 international clients and more than 100 excellently delivered projects.

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