Let’s together celebrate BHSoft’s 5th Anniversary

Bac Ha Software Co., Ltd. (BHSoft) is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and we are overjoyed to share the event with everyone.

Over the years, Bac Ha Software Co., Ltd. has uninterruptedly offered services to worldwide clients. With the aid of latest technologies, BHSoft provides customers with the optimum solution which assures to meet their needs and requirements. Bringing out the best applications for customers’ projects is our ultimate goal.

This year the celebration is wonderful as we take this opportunity to thank all of our employees who help us to achieve success and magnificent accomplishments over the years.

But history is made by victors! So let’s walk through some significant milestones to always remember what made us as we are today!

In 2002, BHTech – the main predecessor of BHSoft was founded. In 2013, we are more than happy to welcome Mr. Tran Vu Viet Anh to join our company. Mr. Tran Vu Viet Anh is our managing director who has significantly contributed to the prosperity of BHSoft. Without him as our leader and without the loyal support and hard work of each BHSoft family member, we could not have come this far.

BHSoft's 5th anniversary
Managing director of BHSoft Mr.Tran Vu Viet Anh is giving a speech at BHSoft birthday ceremony.


Our greatest glory is rising. We are on the right track with the best crew ever! I hope we keep making effort and keep moving forward.

   Tran Vu Viet Anh, managing director of BHSoft


October 1st 2014, BHM (Bac Ha Mobile) was established. In November 2018, we officially become BHSoft.

Looking back, we could hardly foresee our growth from around 10 employees to more than 50 employees today! Let’s once again cheer up and together we keep moving forward!
Here are some of the best moments at the anniversary: