Internship of French students at BHSoft this summer 2019

Internship of French students at BHSoft this summer 2019

The interns

Every year BHSoft offers internship opportunity to both students in the country and international students. We have such a close-knit relationship with many technology universities in France. We offer four-month training for students from these institutes annually, mostly engineering position.

This time we welcome three French students: Alban Perrier, Bérenger Mayoud and Piere from IUT Lyon 1 (Université de Lyon). They arrived in March and their internship period was completed in June 2019.

The team

Let’s take a look at the project they had done during training period here at BHSoft. The trio had a mentor from our company, Nguyen Anh Tu. Tu led the interns in the projects: assigning tasks, giving advice, supporting and providing solution whenever they needed. In addition, the team also had one business analyst, Nguyen Bao Ngoc who wrote project requirement so the interns had a clue how the application pages should look like and what features it should include. Manager Pham The Duy also watched over and supervised the implementation process as well as gave advice for tackling emerged issues and modifying the application. This is the difference between BHSoft and many other companies. Normally at other firms, trainees would spend significant amount of time working by themselves and hardly have frequent support. However, at BHSoft, we make sure trainees have all the guidance and support they need for their work.



The project


Internship of French students at BHSoft this summer 2019


The goal of the project is to build a web application that allows users to rent scooters by capturing QR code on the scooter. Users can also view current route and track route history. The name of the application is Scooter Rental App.

The application has four main pages: A Homepage, a Station Map page, a How it works page and an About page. The Homepage provides general information on other pages along with login section. The Station Map page lists all the stations on Hanoi city map along with search bar to search for specific station. The How it works page provides users with all necessary information on terms of service, essential instruction and FAQs section. The About page provides some further facts about Scooter Rental application.

The main technologies used in the project were ReactJS and NextJS for the front-end part, Firestore for database, Firebase storage for storage and Firebase Functions (node.js) for API and back-end part. Firebase was very helpful in terms of simplifying the setup process, saving us from manual setup.

As for the reason we chose React, it is one of our core technologies that we use and we are more than happy to guide the interns with our strength in ReactJS.

Pham The Duy, Manager of team B1



Scooter Rental


Stations Map page shows stations’ location, the number of available scooters in each station. The green color represents a large number of available scooters at stations, yellow means not many scooters left and red mean all the scooters have been taken.



Admin Station page lists all scooter stations along with their information: name, address, location, number of available scooters, status of the station as well as the option to add/ edit/ remove station.




Admin Users page lists all users: user name, number of trips, total distance taken, total duration and start date of membership as well as option to add/ edit/ remove users.




Trips page shows all the trips taken by a specific user along with information of the trip such as trip date, distance traveled, trip duration, departure and destination location, number of trip points as well as option to add/ edit/ remove trip.








The interns’ feedback after the training period

Here are some feedback from the interns after their training period ended.

I honestly feel positive about my time in BHSoft. It was a wonderful internship thanks to the environment and the work I had to accomplish here in Vietnam. People of the company are unquestionably nice and did everything they could to make us feel better and integrated. I enjoyed working here, it’s a quiet open space so you can focus easily. People helped me when I needed it by taking on their own work time, which I think is truly meaningful and super nice of them. Organization and work process is indeed efficient, it was interesting to discover a new way of working, especially in a foreign country and a totally different culture.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Alban Perrier


I was wrong to fear this work experience because, directly when we appear in the company, the team was very good with us and I saw that you helped us to be at ease and to feel good in the company.

Before coming in the company, I also did not know how I was going to learn a new technology and if I was going to be efficient enough to start a mission after the learning time. However, Tu proposed us an application to start learning ReactJS and it was a very good idea because it shows us a pack of libraries that seems to be used a lot by other programmers.

After that, during the work time and the Happy Hours, the team was very kind so it is good to see smiles and hear laughs every day instead of stressed people like that can be the case in some French companies. I think that for the application it was good to be autonomous but to have a person like Tu to guide us when we had problems. I think the only problem with this is that Tu was very busy with his own development so sometimes we waited for merges and new tasks, but I understand that it looks difficult to handle something like that.

Then, I think that present the application three times to see the advancement forced us to prepare a presentation and these experiences will help us for next English presentations that we will have to do in the future. Furthermore, I found very interesting to have feedback on our presentations to see different points that we could improve.

To conclude, I had a good time coding in this company because we were in a good environment to work and the atmosphere was not oppressive we were very free and you trust us to work well so we understood that we also needed to be serious in work to respect this trust.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Bérenger Mayoud


I really liked the internship, I learnt a lot about technologies and libraries like ReactJS, and how a development team works. Nguyen Anh Tu helped us a lot, we could always ask him for help when needed, and I thank him for this.



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