Five marketing ideas for technology industry

Now is the era of technology companies.

Facing increasingly fierce competition on digital and traditional marketing channels, technology companies are forced to put in place proper marketing strategies that are consistent with the reality of sales growth.

So specific technology companies need to do?

Here are five great marketing ideas that technology companies can use to generate significant revenue streams for themselves.

  1. Build guide item.

Technology is a hard fields for multiple users. Even people with technical background sometimes can not keep up with new technological changes.

Therefore, you should create a tutorial section and post a weekly or monthly article / picture / demo video / tutorial clip … for the user.

Content ideas for categories can be obtained from your company’s customer support team. What questions do users have? What features do not customers know? And what are the common problems when using your company’s technology products? Once you’ve got the content, you can promote it on blogs, via email and on social media.

  1. Create Video Animation introduces company / product technology.

As mentioned, technology is a very complex industry. Customers use hardware devices, software every day but have difficulty understanding it. So why not simplify things with a video animation? The advantage of these videos is to make the viewer feel closer and more interesting. Animated cartoon images will make the statistics and information easier to be absorbed by customers. In general, you should make a company / product video featuring a length of 30 seconds – 1 minute if posted on social networks; Under 2 minutes if uploaded on Youtube or website. This can help you increase the interaction rate up to 80%

  1. Construction free trial.

If you are operating in the field of software engineering then providing a trial version is essential. These versions are free and may be limited to a few features, times or days of software installation. Trying the free version will help your potential customers get a basic experience of the product / service, and therefore more trust in the brand. At the same time, the free version (Free Trial) is also a perfect bait, increasing the purchase rate significantly. Do not forget to take advantage of this opportunity to get some personal information of the user, such as: name, age, address, phone number, email, ..

  1. Create a “Coming soon” landing page.

This is a great marketing idea for new products / services in the technology industry. When you want to market a software, a support tool or some electronic device, you can not wait until the product is 100% set up and then start promoting. It’s too late!

Start informing users of the product as soon as the product is in the process of being created through the landing page “Coming soon.” This type of landing page is very useful in stimulating the curiosity and excitement of people. In addition to announcing that the company’s upcoming product, you need more options for users to stay up-to-date on the latest products / services.

When making this type of landing page, you should note:

  • Clearly announce when the product / service will be released. You should count down to increase the appeal.
  • The time between launch landing page and the official launch of the product should not be too long. Because no customer can wait patiently for 6 months – 1 year to buy the product. And even if the customer waits, then your competitors will not wait and will launch counter strike before your company is ready to ship the first product.

To create a “coming soon” landing page, you can use a variety of support tools. For example, Kickoff Labs with a simple interface, simple operation, even people who do not know the programmer can use.

  1. Attending industry events.

Another way to save on marketing costs, to promote your brand is to participate in events related to software and information technologyTrade shows, product releases will help you keep up to date with the latest industry news. On the other hand, participating in this event also helps the company raise the brand image in the public eye and gives you great opportunities to get great prospects from the same participant.