Mô hình hóa 3D bằng three.js/WebGL for engineering models in the Web

Three.js library is a single JavaScript file. 3D Visualization by Three.js shall be included within a web page by linking to a local or remote copy. It helps you to develop complex 3D computer visualization in order to display in a web browser without a plugin. This is done by using WebGL, and making it a part of a website without any proprietary browser plugin. It includes features such as effects, scenes, cameras, lights, sky, object3D, visualizations, materials, meshes, shades, etc.

Project on Three.js – Our experience with Three.JS Library

3D Visualization Viewer of drills

With our Finnish client, we applied Three.JS  and SVG, WebGL and Canvas/ HTML5/CSS as well to visualize many drills underground. Within the project, we developed a whole management system with modules to show the border of holes and how were drills worked. Also, we were able to re-form the surface of holes before and after drilling work. The module provided various user-friendly functions to interact with 3D models. The users can zoom in/out, pan, rotate, select/pick… in models.

Container demo with Three.JS

Benefits of Three.js Development

  • Being great idea for innovative and interactive web page development
  • Multiple advanced rendering controls such as Post-Processing, multi pass rendering, and deferred rendering.
  • Open Sources and extensions such as THREEx

Three.js/WebGL Development Service

  • 3D Model in Web Browser using WebGL and Three.js
  • 3D Web application using WebGL/HTML5/CSS
  • Model visualization and scene creation applications
  • VR Application using Three.js

Please contact us for further information at – hello@bachasoftware.com

Learn more about Three.js at https://threejs.org/