Things we love about iOS Swift

BHSoft has been thriving with a variety of technologies to assure customer satisfaction, even from the most demanding customer. No matter what technology customers are in need for their product, from custom software product, web development to GIS, we have a team for that. But don’t forget we also excel in providing mobile development solution for both iOS and Android platforms. We are especially expert in React, ReactNative, Vue.js, Python, Node.js  and many more. But this article we want to mention iOS Swift.

Despite being such a young language, Swift doesn’t fail in wowing the iOS development community with its amazing features which are still continuously evolving through the time.

At BHSoft, we also favor Swift and utilize this language in many iOS projects. Here are some of the main reasons why we love Swift:

1. Code readability

Easy-to-read code is always tempting to developers. After all, at the end of the day, all you want is to make your life simpler.

That’s why we favor Swift. Swift’s clean and simple syntax makes it easy to read and write code. It has much fewer lines of code compared to Objective C.

Despite the fact that Swift is pretty similar to Objective C (Apple has even characterized Swift as Objective C without C), Swift dropped many legacies of Objective C. As a result, writing code with Swift is much more natural and concurrently, less time-consuming.

No more semicolon at the end of the parenthesis in case of conditional statements (if else) or commas at the end of parenthesis within the parenthesis, thus, it helps to avoid loops of [[[]]].

2. Easy code maintenance

While C programming language always requires the maintaining of two code files to make it possible to build executable app, Swift drops this two-file requirement to combine header and implementation file into one single (. swift) file. Now developers don’t have to maintain two code files in Swift, less files and easier to maintain. This also allows iOS developers to have more time dedicated for creating app logic as well as improving code quality.


3. Security

The next important thing besides ‘easy to maintain’ is safety. Swift’s syntax and language construction prevents a number of typical mistakes in Objective C. Swift generates a compiler error when programmers write bad codes. This makes programmers to think twice when writing code, thus, making it less likely to cause mistakes. Programmers can also compile, fix errors at the same time with writing the code. Hence, bug testing process is much more faster.

All of these contribute to good outcome of better code, fewer crashes and fewer bugs.

4. Speed

Speed is key factor to application development since better speed means faster execution time at less cost. Swift defeated Python at 8.4 times faster speed and 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. This speed of light performance benefits a lot to the process of making better apps.

5. Generics

Generics are one of the most prominent feature of Swift. Generic code allows developers to write flexible, reusable functions and types that can work with any type following the requirements that you define. Developers can comfortably write code without worrying about duplication as well as have more freedom to invent and create.

6. Open source

The fact that Swift is open source enhances the success base for Swift to improve further and further with a bigger and bigger supportive community. Swift is used more and more across various platforms. Apple is able to get feedback from developers all over the world, thus, Swift can be better structured and designed.

Enough talk about Swift, let’s see how practical the language is in one of our iOS projects:
Our client was a French company working in 3D modeling and BIM sector. They need to view IFC files on iPad. The main idea was to use AssimpKit library to read IDF files and convert them to SceneKit objects to be rendered natively on iOS. As final result, users can edit and modify attributes of the building model directly on iPad. BHSoft augmented customer offerings and contributed work towards new upgraded features. Customer was highly cooperative during the project and the outcome was splendidly delivered.
The fact that we used Swift in this project helped us with having clearer code and less bugs. Also leaner structure and reducing on files save a lot of time and energy for us as well as significantly help to accelerate the project result.

IFC project


IFC project


IFC project


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