.Net Application Development

Back in 2002, it was the very first day of .NET Framework introduction. BHTech made extensively investment in .NET custom development to deliver the most advanced and up-to-date technology and features of this platform to customers.

BHTech .NET development service includes:

  • Back in 2002 Custom application development
  • 3rd party software customization
  • Migration of legacy applications to .NET
  • Application integration
  • QA and testing services for .NET systems
  • Maintenance and supporting service
.Net Skills

BHTech is experienced and skilled in profound C#, VB.NET, LINQ programming, WPF development and a wide range of .NET testing, profiling and code analysis tools. We ensure that you receive cost-effective, clearly coded and optimized solutions that provide the best user experience. BHTech delivers the expertise in technology as follows:

Web applications: ASP .NET, ASP .NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP .NET Dynamic Data

Web services: ASP .NET Web Services, WCF Services, WCF Data Services, REST, SOAP, JSON

Web services: Windows Forms, WPF, XAML Browser Applications

UI components: ASP .NET AJAX CT, DevExpress, Telerik, Infragistics

Distributed apps: Enterprise Services, .NET Remoting

Security: HTTPS/SSL, SSO, X.509, NTLM, Kerberos, Encryption, Auditing, Logging

Data access: ADO .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, NHibernate

Products: SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, BizTalk, Exchange Server 

PHP Web Development Service

BHTech’s employs some of the best PHP developers with hands-on experience in design and development of scalable, reliable, rich-functionality web applications for both start-ups and o-going businesses.

In order to tackle stringent time-to-market challenge all while exceeding demanding end user expectation, BHTech builds its project development methodology around agile delivery, extensive technical knowledge and dynamic project management approach.  We offer services as follows:

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Web Services Integration
  • Legacy Application Enhancement
  • Database driven
  • Website development
  • Migration to PHP
  • Web App Maintenance and Support

Business Domain: e-Commerce, Content Management Systems, Web Portals, Business Integration, Social Networks, Back-end of Mobile Apps, Knowledge Management

Frameworks: Symfony, CakePHP, Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii

Mobile Technologies

BHTech offers extensive hands-on experience in development of incredibly feature-laden mobile applications for iOS, Android, Hybrid mobile apps, as well as HTML5 based mobile websites, helping businesses to make that pivotal shift from web to mobile.

Mobile-Centric Apps

By mobilizing your business we let you enhance customer experience and increase additional revenue. BHTech delivers multi-tier mobile solutions which let you bring your goods and services to your customers wherever they are and provide better engagement and retention.

Extending Enterprise Into Mobile

BHTech expands enterprise applications to mobile devices bridging existing environment with your mobility demands. We develop custom back-end, middle-ware and front-end solutions which help you introduce mobile end points into your infrastructure, meeting your field force automation needs.

Our Expertise:

  • Near Field Communication
  • Geolocation
  • Beacons / location-aware information
  • AR / VR
  • Migrating applications from websites to smart phones

Languages: Objective C/C++, Swift, Java, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript

Frameworks & Technologies:

Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, Location, Navigation…

FeatherJS, ReactJS / ReactNative, GraphQL…

Ionic 1/2, Alpha Anywhere

Bootstrap, AngularJS1/2,

Swagger, FeatherJS

Java Technologies


– J2SE (Standard Edition) – applications development of desktop PCs, servers and similar devices.

– J2EE and JavaEE (Enterprise Edition) – development of multi-tier client-server enterprise applications.

– Presentation layer (UI components & UI process components)

JSP, Servlets

– Web framework: Struts, Tapestry, JSF, Vaadin-GWT

– Portal framework: Liferay

– JavaScript library: jQuery, Dojo ToolKit

– GUI widget toolkit: Swing, AWT, SWT

Business Layer (Service Interface & Business Workflow)

– Web Service

– Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

– Spring Framework

– Java Message Service (JMS)

– RMI, CORBA (for distributed computing)

Data Access Layer:

– Hibernate, TopLink