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Public Infrastructure and Access Management Solution (PIMS)

PIMS offers an advanced mapping and tracking solution to facility management and public service companies.

Movable and un-movable accesses

This solution allows monitoring the position of movable and un-movable accesses on the map and geographical allocation.

Maintenance planning and related time

Furthermore, this solution also support to maintenance planning and related time and cost.

Assigns the appropriate of means of transportation and necessary quantity

In several special public services, the solution also helps assigns the appropriate means of transportation and necessary quantity such as cars, buses, etc. (buses) to fulfill the schedule and monitor personnel.

Optimize the supporters and distribution, ...

With combination of GPS/GSM/RFID technologies, tracking and identification function in this solution allow owners to optimize their supporters and distribution, monitor actual capacity, identify personnel on each facility, and log the hours spent by laborers in remote sites; subsequently, enable o optimize performance and efficiency of their daily operations.

Features and Short Specs

Live Tracking and Monitoring with accurate GPS

Maintenance Reminder Report

Customization & Tailor-Made Solutions

Scheduled Reports and Instant Alerts

Time Log Report (actual, Overtime, Location…)

Viewership Access Module


Facility and Access Management Service Companies

Pest Control Companies

Security Service Companies

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