Your own unique software products

Custom software is an application developed specifically for your business or organization to meet particular needs. Custom software helps your business to stand out from the crowd, presenting your status and showing the fact that you treat your business seriously. BHSoft has over a decade of experience in delivering high-quality custom software products. We have the right strategy to help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Reliable Partnership
Reliable Partnership

BHSoft is a long-term reliable partner with more than 10 years of experience in building, managing and supporting custom software solutions.

Qualified Team
Qualified Team

BHSoft with its reliable team of proven capability will help you to deliver cost-effective and quality custom software solutions.

Customer is key
Customer is key

BHSoft is highly customer-oriented. We develop and strengthen our long term partnership to provide better value to our customers.

// Excellent partnership

You can count on us for being your reliable service provider.

We give you full support at every stage of your product development cycle. Step by step, we will successfully transform your ideas into high-end software products. We also provide you with full maintenance and quality assurance service to make sure your product is flawless and benefits you in the long run.

At BHSoft, everything we do is agile


You and your dev team will have face to face discussion on: detailed analysis of your requirements, what features to be built, together estimate a specific functionality, etc. You can also consult some of our best experts to know what you really need.


The team will work closely with you to figure out the most effective way to execute your project. Projects will be broken down into sprints to create an overall process that can be repeated to successfully deliver the final product. We also review the sprints, plan the next sprints with you, divide tasks and complete realistic targets.


The functionalities of the product will be divided into small parts and can be delivered independently. This helps developers to have more time to look into the design, speeding up the design process and getting continuous feedback on the work.


Having an Agile mindset, BHSoft team always aims at iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through strong collaboration.


In collaboration with other teams, our QA team will follow every phase of product development, monitoring and identifying bugs as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Release & Deployment

All developers at BHSoft are used to good coding practices. Continuous integration,  continuous deployment and constant code review help to deliver fast but quality products.


All teams at BHSoft have strong connections with each other: from product manager, operation team, design team to QA team. Everybody works together to guarantee bug-free products to customers. Constant code review is necessary to make sure every bug is fixed instantly.


BHSoft aims at stress-free product release. All teams at BHSoft have strong connections with each other: from product manager, operation team, design team to QA team. Everybody works together to guarantee bug-free products to customers as well as faster release to the market place.

Enterprise Application Development

The BHSoft team has tons of experience in creating applications for business purposes.

Advanced Web development

We can help you develop large scale web pages with multiple features & dynamic pages.

Mobile Application Development

BHSoft provides a wide range of mobile application development services across all main platforms: iOS, Android as well as cross-platform.

Project rescue/ Features Augmentation

We can lend you a helping hand to assist you whether it is a failing project or you need to augment product features.

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