3D Service

3D service is one of BHSoft's key strengths. At BHSoft, we’re dedicated to helping our clients with building 3D applications in production and business. With our technical capability and streamlined process, we will help you bring your ideas into reality.

BHSoft 3D Services

BHSoft 3D team has years of experience in building BIM and Geospatial 3D web map application as well as facilities management & 3D Building Visualization. Our 3D team is capable of helping customers to:
• Visualize and understand better the design, foresee from the earliest stages of project what the project will look like when it’s completed. This helps clients plan and have better control over their projects.
• Provide our clients with affordable way to communicate the vision of their project through accurate and beautiful web map.
• Enhance visual communication through interactive and precise rendering of 3D models.

BHSoft 3D Team

Our 3D team leader has many years of experience with 3D development.The team is full of young people, always ready and eagle to learn new technologies.

We not only have expertise with technologies that are essential for 3D development such as Three.JS, Cesium.JS, Autodesk Forge but we also have very good knowledge base of backend technologies such as Node.JS, C++, Python and Cloud Services: Google Cloud, AWS.

Teamlead Nguyen Hai Dang quote: “Do better than customer’s expectation”

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