The Client 

The client is from Australia. The service that they provide is making it simple for builders to check site feasibility, site costs, generate site plans, order compliance reports & produce quotes.

The client business need

The client is in need of an easy-to-use cloud-based application for builders that compresses many steps involved in selling a build (i.e. surveyors, town planners, architects, etc.) into a single click. It allows anyone to easily define a shed, pool, house, etc. on a specific property.

The project

BHSOFT helped our client with the cloud-based application exactly as the customer required.

Features of the platform
  • Users can instantly access site information with property information, including site details containing information about government site data. Site contours, typography & slope can instantly display 250mm contour lines across the site which can be downloaded as DWG files. Users can also access updated high-resolution imagery for an accurate site analysis.
  • Users can work with their designs simply by uploading them to the web application. The design can be moved, rotated and scaled to fit any place. Thanks to GIS, users can determine dimensions and areas accurately without having to step on site. The setbacks of the design can be automatically determined by build type and geographical location. There will be a page where users’ designs are managed by outlining the price, name, size and description.
  • Users can order reports in the marketplace, conduct a feasibility study, create and modify profitable quotes that reflect accurate costs & site conditions every time.

The web application helps users upload their customized designs and use them to scale on any address, check all applicable planning rules to the picked construction type. Users can upload their personalized pricing & product catalogue along with applying that pricing for individual addresses, order construction related reports & documents within the application, lead management and much more.

Technologies used

  • ReactJS, Leaflet

Communication Channel


Methodology Used


Project size

4 MMs

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