July 15, 2020
Business Apps / Web Apps

The Client

A US company which works with food production facilities to mitigate vendor associated supply chain risks. Their strategy is to build an AI powered supplier management system that manages and optimizes supplier quality assurance across the whole supply chain.

Client Business Need

  • As part of the above strategy, the Client needed a system to help organizations to manage the process of gathering and transferring of certifications between different supply chain players.


Food processors require documentation and certifications from suppliers to explain the production and processing requirements and ensure that ingredients are compliant with regulatory standards. This process is very paper-heavy and involves back and forth communication.


  • The project was implemented in steps, each requiring review and approval as follow:

System design

  • Design and review of architecture and related technology 
  • Development of solution overview which set out user interface, functionality and user workflow. This overview was also intended to ensure the clarity in requirements for all stakeholders

System development

  • Platform development and testing 
  • Regular update and review with the Product owner. 

System deployment

  • Finalize deployment with testing of the platform with live data
  • Commissioning

Technologies Used

  • Back End: ASP.Net Core
  • Front End: ReactJs
  • Database: Azure Cosmos DB
  • File storage: Azure Data Lake

Project size:

  • 6 man-month

Project Duration​

  • 2 months

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