The Client 

The client is an online craft store selling a variety of authentic & lovingly designed stationery. The product range is wide including notebooks, journals, cards, pens, pencils, ink, artist tools, etc. from various brands in Australia. 

The client business need

The client needs a mobile app that integrates the client’s CMS platform with physical stores, allowing clients to manage inventory, order invoices, and customer notification directly on the platform. 

The project

BHSOFT helped our client build a store management – e-commerce platform web app that allows users to manage all sorts of product information in a very convenient way. BHSOFT was responsible for both the iOS version and the web version of the app.

Features of the app:

  • The app connects the e-commerce stores with all of their physical stores, allowing users to easily manage all products and inventory.
  • The app allows the admin to log in to the web version of the app to manage all information. Meanwhile, the staff can log in to the system through Ipad or iPod Touch to scan the barcodes of all products at the physical stores.
  • All information is synced to the CMS system of all the online stores which are set up at SHOPIFY. These online stores are connected with the physical stores. This information includes:
    • Product information: pricing/ pricing updates, quantity, quality, existing stock, orders/ reorders information.
    • All orders are synced via webhooks setup at Shopify.
    • Products on Backorder are logged with Details Order No, Qty, Tub No. and when stock has arrived, an email is sent notifying personnel.
    • Supplier Invoices are uploaded through the UI. New and Existing products are determined and all products within the invoice await pricing. Once priced, a CSV of new products is emailed to relevant personnel for processing and uploading. The existing products await arrival. Once arrived, the existing product quantities and prices are updated at Shopify.
    • Stock arrivals – When the products for an invoice arrive (invoice arrives) QTY and Pricing details are updated at Shopify. Backorders quantities deducted prior and notifications sent to respective parties

The app is very convenient because users can easily collaborate on the same platform. It also helps the users to save time and cut costs for hiring extra personnel. 


Sometimes it is quite challenging in terms of the product data syncing process between different storages. There are also cases where product codes overlap or missing codes during the syncing process.


The BHSOFT mobile development team tried our best to solve the issue and we managed to fix the bug temporarily. However, we are still finding the best way to permanently improve the process.

The app results in general:

The BHSOFT mobile dev team has helped the client with building a totally new app with exact features but more upgraded with the latest frameworks. With our years of experience developing mobile apps for our clients, the whole team applied our BHSOFT qualified process of app making to make a new app exactly as the customer required. The result was very satisfactory and the client was happy with the app. 

We built the app for our clients and provided them with full maintenance service at a reasonable cost. 

Technologies used

VueJS, NodeJS

Communication Channel

Skype, Slack, and Trello

Methodology used

Agile/ Scrum

Project size

15 MMs


09/2019 – 12/2020

A team of 2 developers 

Screen Captures

BHSOFT storage management platform