July 14, 2020
GIS - Map - Location / Web Apps

The Client:

The client is a Finnish Tech company who offers to build web-native management platforms, such as Road Management Systems (RMS), Bridge Management Systems (BMS), predictive maintenance planning and Socio-economic Survey Tool.

Client Business Need:

  • The client would like to build a Road and Bridge Management System. The system will be used for visualization and reporting of the data as well as for maintenance planning and analysis process.

    The client needs support from BHSoft to build the perfect UI for their web application as well as to build a map system to view road and bridge information.

The project:

  • BHSoft Team developed, tested and launched a responsive web application to visualize and report data and maintenance work of Road and Bridge Management System. The site features situation of road (road length, number of roads, traffic situation, average IRI, etc.), along with road map (using Open Layers). The site has navigable menu for users to monitor and experience all the available functions.

    We use Angular 7 to develop the whole UI. We use Open layer to visualize and display map and map layers as well as to interact better with map data.

    Within the system, users can smoothly navigate the view, select any road from the list on the map and see economic analysis of the selected road just by pressing ‘Analyze’.

    All road-related data can be seamlessly viewed and monitored. Users can also see Key Performance Indicators of the road, namely, International Roughness Index (IRI) and Pavement Surface Condition.

    Users also have the possibility to view different kinds of report: road report, IRI report, traffic report, road value report,etc. as well as to view Maintenance Planning statistics such as Road User Costs, Maintenance Works, Parameter Values, Traffic Correction Factors, etc.

    Through visualizing road location, road condition, traffic and maintenance of the road directly on a web platform, decision makers can better plan for maintenance work as well as are able to locate and value the assets of the area.

Screen Capture:

Member Platform (admin area)

In this platform, members can log in to their member home page, manage their personal information, payment method, sync their accounts with their social media accounts.

Members can also manage their tickets (what movies the members have tickets for and how many), sort movies/ content specific, select content to watch and purchase tickets for that content.


Different time zone and continuous changing in client’s requirements.


  • BHSoft is super professional in time management so different time zone is no obstacle to us. We have 24/7 teams who are always at customer service.
  • BHSoft always makes effort to clarify customer’s requirements before the project starts but we are also very flexible in case of changing or new emerged requirements.

Technology Used

  • Angular 7 for building the UI
  • OpenLayers and Chart.js for building map 

Communication Channel

  • Communicating through Skype and E-mail

Methodology Used

  • Agile/ Scrum

Project size:

  • 1 developer

Project Duration​

  • More than 3 MMs (June 2018 – August 2018), in maintenance till now.


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