July 14, 2020
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Public Infrastructure Management

Public Infrastructure Management – This is software support government agency to manage position of all public facilities like street trees, parks… and also all places that for rent.

The standard will cover management of public infrastructure in the following categories:

•    Basic survival, including water, food, sanitary sewerage, shelter, and healthcare;
•    Police and fire protection, power communication, roads, bridges, and transit;
•    Education, culture, entertainment, and recreation; and,
•    Sustainable and resilient environment, including air, natural waters, forests, meadows, and wetlands that are kept viable through resource substitution, reuse, recycling, restoration, and renewal.

Technologies: ASP.Net, C#, GeoServer, OpenLayers, Open Street Map, Google map, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Mobile with iOS / Hybrid

Project Size: >15 MM

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