July 14, 2020
Business Apps / Web Apps

The Client:

The client is an entertainment company that aims to provide members with the latest cinematic releases and live entertainment. This time the client is in need of building an entertainment streaming platform.

Client Business Need:

  • The client desires to build an entertainment platform that offers members the latest cinematic releases and live entertainment. Members can purchase tickets directly on the platform and stream it to their TV. There’s no subscription required. All programs and shows are securely streamed to members’ home.

The project:

  • BHSoft developed whole architecture for customer’s streaming platform.

    We provide both API and databases for the back end part of the project.

    We also provide front-end development, specifically, information architecture and UI design for user portal and admin area of the web application.

User portal of the player app:

We provide the client with our APIs service so that the app can function properly and exactly like the client’s requirements.

For example, the app can respond well in case of error happening. The app communicates well with secure network, display the right message corresponding to each situation. When the application receives OK, it keeps playing content. When it receives STOP command, it stops. In case of Fraud/ Piracy detection, the app displays error message correctly.

Member Platform (admin area)

In this platform, members can log in to their member home page, manage their personal information, payment method, sync their accounts with their social media accounts.

Members can also manage their tickets (what movies the members have tickets for and how many), sort movies/ content specific, select content to watch and purchase tickets for that content.

Content Owner Platform

In this part of the web app, users can manage their contact information and their campaigns.

Users can see and walk through all their campaigns (filter if needed). In case users select a specific campaign, they can also edit parameters or delete that campaign.

When creating campaigns, members are able to

  • Add content of the campaign
  • See all meta data (synopsis, artists, director, etc.)
  • Set markets (rural, suburban, urban)
  • Enter interactive map that shows all the movie theaters
  • Geo-fence content availability and black out certain territories, cities or zip codes.
  • Set ticket pricing per-ticket and the ability to set different prices by territory, city or zip code.
  • Data reporting dashboard for detailed granular data regarding their content/titles.

Some main screen capture of the streaming platform

The dashboard of the app shows general information: market tickets, box office situation, number of devices, tickets sold, average ticket price, active campaigns situation and future campaigns situation.

My Campaigns screen shows all past and present campaigns. User can filter as needed. In case users select a specific campaign, they can edit parameters or delete campaign.

This ‘Create Campaign’ screen allows users to add new campaign, set campaign title, campaign meta data, campaign release and some advanced settings as well as pull all meta data (synopsis, artists, director, etc.) from IMDB search results.

Data reporting dashboard shows detailed granular data regarding Campaign Revenue, State Market Share, DMA Market Share, Area Market Share, Daily Revenue and Usage Statistics.


  • Sometimes, the team faces few problems when working with another third party in the same project.


  • BHSoft teams are well-trained and very professional in terms of work ethics and working manners so we soon figured out ways to manage the conflict and the working process is smooth again.

Technology Used:

  • React.js for front-end part of the application
  • Node.js and Express.js for back-end part
  • PostgreSQL for database

Communication Channel:

  • Communicating through Skype and E-mail

Methodology Used

  • Agile/ Scrum

Project size:

  • 3-4 team members

Project Duration:

  • More than 5 MMs

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