The Client

The client is an Australian-based company, providing solutions to builders and construction companies. It is a platform where users can upload and customize their designs/ site plans for their homes, pools, construction areas. The client also offers sales services based on location.



Business Needs

The client owns a cloud-based application that allows builders to easily access and plan their designs for homes, pools, buildings, and construction areas. The client needed to build a drawing tool to integrate into their existing map. BHSOFT helped the client to build the drawing tool using the Leaflet library. 

The project 

We chose Leaflet because most of the data we had to deal with was GeoJSON data, and we didn’t have to deal with projections. Therefore, Leaflet was an ideal choice and saved us a lot of time. 

Basically, we built a drawing tool inside the map that allows users to:

  • Create polygons with measurements & display area information.
  • Edit, rotate & drag the polygon around a map.
  • Control and edit the color, weight, and line type (dashed, solid, etc).
  • Create guidelines to 90 degrees, nearby objects to suggest finishing the shape, and snap to lines/corners.
  • Draw objects with curved lines.
  • Draw shapes on the map and edit the created shapes


The project went very well without any struggles. The client was happy with the result.

Technologies Used

Reactjs, Leaflet


1/2021 – now

Project size


Screen capture

BHSOFT drawing tool with Leaflet, React
Drawing tool for Client’s map