July 14, 2020
Business Apps / Web Apps

Automotive Retail Management System

The Client:

The client is one of Hyundai car agents, based in Singapore. The client knows about BHSoft through searching online and finds out that BHSoft is among top software companies in Vietnam. After that, they have contacted BHSoft by email to discuss the project.

Client Business Need:

The client is in need of a system to manage car inventory, car import and export into warehouse.

The project:

Vehicle Retail Management System

This is a full software solution for a vehicle reselling branches’ cars (more than 10 branches) in the local market. The software should support salesman to place the order into the system with all information from cars and price calculation (more than 200 models); supports to calculate loan from banks and schedule the payment. The software provides a full range, all kinds of reports; daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports (200+ reports).

Generally, the system is able to estimate and plan for car import based on input data. When identifying need from customers, the system can notify sale department to send offer to potential clients.

The system also manages car registration and car purchase. In particular, status of buyers and their payment, purchasing method as well as their registration. All submitted documents such as purchase invoice, registration number and registration paper are stored and processed according to standard procedure.


  • The client required BHSoft representative to visit their office in Singapore to discuss requirements. The team had to make use of the old code base to upgrade to complete solution. Also it was quite time-consuming to migrate database from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server.


  • ASP.Net MVC 4.5 
  • MS SQL Server 2014
  • Front-End with JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS