July 14, 2020
BIM & 3D Visualization / Web Apps

3D Virtualization with Three.JS & ReactJS

The client:

The client is from Japan and has known BHSoft through their network. They have contacted BHSoft through BHSoft’s partner. BHSoft has many long -term Japanese customers and we have been thriving to stay active in the Japanese market.

Client Business need:

The client needs to translate a big file (revit .rvt) of a building model and render 2D and 3D data correctly on browser.

BIM –3D Virtualization with Forge Business Needs:

The project implements a web application to translate a model created by 3D MAX Studio, which can support End-Users can virtualize their models with the Web browser. The project is really simple. However, the hardest part is to find the way to translate with Autodesk Forge APIs.

Particularly, BHSoft team helped our client to translate customer file (file revit .rvt) using Autodesk Forge service. The team had to assign color to rooms and floors of the building model so that the 2D version matches with the 3D version.

After translating the revit file using Model Derivative API, Autodesk Forge viewer can render the converted data into 2D and 3D model data within browser.
Our task is to extract and interpolate the data on-render to correctly render each floor/room color.


  • At that time, Autodesk Forge document was not sufficient like today.
  • Change in API caused breaking change.
  • The team had to continuously discuss with the client to reach consensus on data structure.


BHSoft has high professionality and good experiences to cope with obstacles during project development process. BHSoft team was very helpful and willing to discuss and resolve customer’s problem at any time there was an issue. Thus, the project deadline and product performance were not affected.

Technologies Used:

  • Data process: Autodesk Forge APIs
  • Back-end / Server side with: Node JS, Express
  • Front-end and UI: JavaScript, Three JS, HTML5, CSS3, React JS, Bootstrap 3