The Client 

The client is from Finland. He has been a client of BHSoft for more than 10 years. 

The client business need

The client needs to build a virtual playground to manage, innovate, collaborate, simulate, analyze and optimize projects virtually before final decisions and real-world implementation. This will result in optimized solutions, which means cost and time savings, sustainability and functionality.

The project

BHSOFT helped our client build the 3D virtual platform exactly as the customer required.

Features of the platform
  • Users can manage their projects by importing 3D model files and customizing them on the virtual playground. For example, users can view the model from all angles, measure and align the model, and determine the influence of the model on the surrounding areas. Users can also observe how the model changes over time.
  • Users can sketch models directly on the platform with dimensions that correspond to their real-life dimensions.
  • Users can manage projects with other valuable features of the platform such as measuring point, measuring distance, clip plane, saved views, 4D, AR with 3D, GPS Positioning, etc.
  • Users can leave feedback with icons and descriptions for that model, expressing their views.

The web app helps to manage any kind of urban development and construction project. For city planning, users can manage and collaborate city plans with citizens with a 4D digital twin of a city and feedback tools. In the architecture field, users can manage architecture in their real-world location and integrate it into city models. Compare architecture competition alternatives with VR and AR. For those who work in infrastructure, the web app can help manage even large scale infrastructure projects and combine designs with survey, drone and as-built data, etc.


The project went very well without any difficulties.


BHSOFT has years of experience in working with 3D models and 3D projects so the project went well without any struggles.

Technologies used

Communication Channel

Slack, Jira

Methodology used

Agile/ Scrum

Project size

48 MMs


06/2018 – present

A team of 4 developers.

Screen Captures