March, 2021
BIM & 3D Visualization/ Web Apps

The Client 

The client is an online platform that allows users to browse event inspirations, search for vendors, compare vendors through different options, and instantly book services. The platform also connects vendors and lists their services based on topic and price. 

The client business need

The client is in need of building a virtual event web application where users can find and engage with the right vendors for their event planning. Users can hand-pick the vendor, view event samples with specific themes as well as reserve their favorite vendor right on the platform. This helps to save time for both vendors and their customers through automating all processes while giving the customer a true experience on a virtual platform. 

The project

BHSOFT helped our client build the 3D virtual event platform exactly as the customer required

Features of the platform
  • Users can interact and work with vendors at an exhibitor of different virtual booths. There are virtual entrances, virtual halls, and stages, virtual lobbies, virtual info desk where users can make real interaction with organizers and select the right vendor just like in real life.
  • At the virtual hall, users can view different organizer booths (with different colors). Hovering over each booth gives users description and vendor promotion. Clicking on a specific booth will give the user access to that booth.
  • When entering a specific booth, users can view a variety of information including info about the exhibitor, resource library (brochure, articles), view agenda of the day. Users can also take multiple actions such as booking an appointment, live chat with the sale representative/ organizer, etc.

The web app helps to simplify the planning process of events. Users have the chance to consult from the best vendors and event experts and select the best option for themselves. 

The BHSOFT mobile development team has helped our client to build the whole 3D virtual web application along with a connection to the client’s CMS platform.


The project went very well without any difficulties.


BHSOFT has years of experience in working with 3D models and 3D projects so the project went well without any struggles.

Technologies used

  • React, Three.js
  • Strapi, MongoDB, GraphQL

Communication Channel

Skype, Slack, and Trello

Methodology used

Agile/ Scrum

Project size

18 MMs


07/2020 – 02/2021

A team of 3 developers

Screen Captures