Welcome Professor Olivier Camp

It is our great pleasure to warmly welcome Professor Olivier Camp, Head of International Office of ESEO Institute of Science & Technology (ESEO), Angers, France to BHTech in Hanoi. ESEO is a member of the “Grande Ecole” CGE network – a non-profit association for selective and prestigious schools of higher education. BHSoft and ESEO have been developing and strengthening a strong relationship since 2016.

ESEO aims at the provision of Information System training. In response of its needs, BHSoft offers the internship opportunity for ESEO’s students. Annually, ESEO’s students join BHSoft to complete their four-month internship. At BHSoft, all trainees are authorized to access to training resource as well as opportunities to practice learning skills in projects. Trainees also involve in company’s extra curriculum activities. Thus, they fully understand the company’s culture.

If you are searching for internship or training, please don’t hesitate to send us your application.


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