Web GIS Solutions with Open Source Software


Web GIS Solutions using Open Source Software

We have been developing some software projects for access manage on maps several years. We recognize that it is not difficult to develop a Web GIS Solutions with full integrated and configured solution based on open source software.GIS< GeoServer

Here are those ones which I would like to mention as follows:

  • OpenLayer: Web map view
  • GeoServer: Geo spatial data
  • Database: PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Based maps: Open Street Map (OSM), Google map and other free maps … or Map file imported from other systems (Shapefiles).
  • And Operating system: Ubuntu (14)

Based on above mentioned technologies, we can build and manage Points, Lines, Polygons on maps. Therefore, we can easily to apply into several business applications. And apparently, the application will be also implemented by open source technologies (like JavaScript/JQuery/AngularJS, NodeJS/PHP, Apache…).

Examples of business applications: Public access management such as street trees/street labels, utilities, supply/waste water pipes, …

Here are some demos, or we can present an example in detail. This is a really low cost solution and cloud being ready!


Web Map View


Demo link: