The Client

The client is a web portal app for Machine Learning platforms that integrates sign-in and sign-up with email, azure, and google account. The app helps analyze and display statistics to users as well as create, update, delete and share data.

The client business need

The client is in need of a web portal app for the purpose of analyzing and managing hospital data using AI/Machine Learning.

The project

BHSOFT was responsible for the UI and API integration of the web portal app allowing authorized users to manage the simulation experiments and manage test data used for the simulation service via the Manager Web UI.

Features of the app:

  • The app allows authenticated and authorized users to easily manage all test data with functions as listed below:
    • Get a collection of test data
    • See test data info with/without specific id
    • Create/upload a test data
    • Delete their own test data with a specific id
    • Download uploaded test data
    • Download uploaded dictionary file
    • Share a test data with another user
    • See list of users with their roles
    • Unshare a test data with another user
  • In terms of managing the simulation experiments, users are able to do the following actions:
    • Get a collection of experiments
    • Get a specific experiment object
    • Create/update/delete an experiment object
    • Run an experiment
    • Get a collection of results
    • Save a result

The app is very convenient because users can easily collaborate on the same platform. It also helps the users to save time and cut costs for hiring extra personnel. 


The project has been going well with the work of the BHSOFT front-end dev team without challenges. 

The app results in general:

The BHSOFT front-end dev team has helped the client develop the app with features just as they needed. With several years of experience in developing web apps, the whole team has applied the BHSOFT qualified app development process to make the most satisfactory result that fulfills the client’s demands.

Technologies used

 ReactJS, Python

Communication Channel

Slack and Jira

Methodology used

Agile/ Scrum

Project size

30+ MMs


  • 02/2020 – Now
  • A team of 2 developers

Screen Captures

BHSOFT hospital data analysis portal