File share mobile app

The Client 

The client is an international technology company who provides security solutions to business and government organizations. The client company has multiple offices located in Australia, the US as well as Europe. 

The client business need

The client is in need of a mobile app for secure, end-to-end encrypted file storage and file sharing. This file-sharing app allows users to save, share, manage and together cooperate on critical files/ documents in one place. 

The project

BHSOFT helped our client build a mobile app to securely share your information with your peers. 

Features of the app

  •  Store, share, and download files. Users can also add, edit, move, remove files, and track file history
  • Send notes & get notified when files are read or shared
  • Share code snippets in multiple languages, edit/ highlight syntax.
  • Users are able to encrypt files on their devices before uploading them. Each file has one encryption key of its own. 
  • The app is very convenient because users can easily collaborate on the same platform. It also helps the users to save time, cut costs in terms of file storage/ file organizing while ensuring the security and integrity of the data.

BHSOFT mobile development team has helped our client to build the whole new mobile app from scratch (both Android and iOS versions). 


The client required us to build a totally new updated version of an outdated app with similar features and functionalities. However, the process was relatively challenging due to the lack of necessary documents for the old app. 


BHSOFT mobile dev team has helped the client with building a totally new app with exact features but more upgraded with the latest frameworks. With our years of experience in developing mobile apps for our clients, the whole team applied our BHSOFT qualified process of app making into making a new app exactly as the customer required. The result was very satisfactory and the client was happy with the app. 

We not only built the app for our clients but also provided them with full maintenance service at a reasonable cost. 

Technologies used

  • iOS Swift, RxSwift
  • Android Kotlin+Java, Dagger, RxJava, DataBinding, Retrofit

Communication Channel

Skype, Slack, and Trello

Methodology used

Agile/ Scrum

Project size

Android 6 MMs + iOS 6 MMs


12/2019 – 05/2020

A team of 3 developers

Screen Captures

BHSOFT fie sharing app